DevOps(Development Operations) Engineer

  • Have at least 3 years of work experience in a Linux-based DevOps role
  • Solid understanding of GIT and/or SVN CM tools
  • Solid understanding of Server provision and deployment processes
  • Solid understanding of Linux environments, Bash or other Linux scripting capabilities
  • Understanding of DevOps principles and processes
  • Certified in CNA, CCNP, Database Administration
  • Understanding of Java, PHP Frameworks and other OO development languages
  • Experience building distributed, failure-resistant architecture, including disaster recovery, backups, fail-over, etc.
  • Experience with the advanced features of public cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure (we use AWS).
  • Knowledge of all things networking: TCP / IP, ICMP, SSH, DNS, HTTP, SSL / TLS
  • Knowledge of storage systems, RAID, distributed file systems, NFS / iSCSI / CIFS
  • Have experience with configuration management, monitoring, and automation tools
  • Working knowledge of firewalls, VPN, routing, switching, load balancing, security, and DNS


Jambo Bet
Nairobi, KE