Art Director

5ive, a small, successful advertising agency is looking to fill the position of, Art Director. The duty of this individual would be to ensure that the company’s desired message and image is conveyed to consumers. Your work requires you to understand the design elements of projects, inspire other creative workers, and keep projects on budget and on time. You might also be responsible for developing budgets and timelines. This individual would report to the director of the company.

Job Responsibilities

  • Determine how best to represent a concept visually
  • Determine which photographs, art, or other design elements to use
  • Develop the overall look or style of a publication, an advertising campaign, or a theater, television, or film set
  • Supervise design staff
  • Review and approve designs, artwork, photography, and graphics developed by other staff members 
  • Talk to clients to develop an artistic approach and style
  • Coordinate activities with other artistic and creative departments
  • Develop detailed budgets and timelines
  • Present designs to clients for approval


Skills and Qualifications

  • 2-3 years’ experience as an Art Director
  • Coordination, Creativity, Vision, Project Management, Product Management, Organization, Graphic Design Skills, Developing Creative Standards, Illustration Tools, Desktop Publishing Skills, Multimedia Content Development


Nairobi, KE