Do you love working on innovative, cutting-edge systems with multiple kinds of users? Do you thrive working closely with others, be it fellow developers, UI/UX designers or researchers to constantly improve the product? Are you passionate about code quality and system engineering? Do you value continuous learning, and receiving as well as giving feedback? Are you ready to take responsibility for your projects?

If so, we might just have the job for you!

At MARAMOJA, you will work closely together with smart, passionate and dependable people who know their craft. We use state of the art technologies, tools and methodologies, and expect nothing less from you.


  • Working on any of our front-end apps, i.e. Android (Java) or Web (React), or our back-end (node.js).
  • Providing exact implementations of UI/UX designs and specifications.
  • Providing well-structured, re-usable, easily-readable, well-documented, testable, and efficient code.
  • Communicating and collaborating closely with the team, using our employed tools.
  • Improving code quality as a response to receiving code reviews, but also as you find problems yourself.
  • Giving code reviews to others proactively.
  • Assist in and help improving devops.


  • Analytic mind and attention to detail.
  • Bachelor in Software Engineering, Computer Science or similar, or an equivalent programming education.
  • Good understanding of and strong skills in OOP or FP and their respective design patterns.
  • Experience in building non-trivial apps or systems using at least two of Android/Java, React or node.js.
  • Experience in using modern build tools such as IDEs, versioning systems and issue trackers.

Nice-to-have experience

  • Agile Software Development.
  • TDD.
  • Linux and shell scripting.
  • CI/CD.


MARAMOJA is a trust-powered transportation app, revolutionizing the way people source for transport and other services. Our patent-pending trust engine utilizes cutting edge machine-learning to serve up trusted recommendations of service providers so our clients feel safe and comfortable every time they ride. MARAMOJA provides an app and web platform that enables individuals and businesses to connect with Drivers and request on-demand or scheduled taxi services anytime.


MARAMOJA, live in Kenya for 1.5 years, has grown rapidly, raised funds, and is now poised to begin scaling around the continent. Come take this journey with us. 

MARAMOJA transport
Nairobi, KE