Senior Frontend Engineer

We’re on a mission to elevate the careers and livelihoods of millions of blue collar professionals, artisans, and other informal workers through the use of technology. Join us. 


As a Senior Frontend Engineer you enjoy making beautiful user interfaces. You have strong opinions based on experience on which frameworks to work on and you know which mistakes to avoid. Good UX design is something you live by and you have the right mind to decide when to use additional tools and frameworks and when to work with vanilla JS.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Building scalable and highly usable frontend applications using Angular and Backbone
  • Converting our hybrid app from Ionic 1 to Ionic 2
  • Building a hybrid app targeting low end smart phones from scratch
  • Helping build a web app based on wagtail (
  • Designing interfaces which help to solve to the many real world problems we face
  • Helping more junior engineers to get up to speed
  • Support in taking correct technology decisions

Successful candidates will have all or most of these qualifications: 

  • Show us why they are suited for this position, rather than just tell us
  • Fluent English
  • Deeply experienced in Javascript on server and client
    • Good understanding of ES6
    • Current knowledge if the Javascript ecosystem
  • Some experience with TypeScript
  • Experience with unit testing and continuous integration
  • Deep knowledge of web technologies (REST/HTTP, web sockets, ...)
  • Good understanding of popular programming paradigms (e.g. object orientation, functional programming, ...)
  • Able to fit into a fun and outgoing work environment
  • Significant work experience and/or relevant educational background


More about us: 

At Lynk we make it easier for households and businesses to connect with high quality professionals.  Currently we have verified professionals in over 140 categories ranging from cleaners, to masseuses, to plumbers, and tailors. Through the use of technology we unlock important career tools such as digital profiles, product galleries, customer reviews, and more.  

As a company, we’re a tight-knit and highly-collaborative team of developers, hustlers, planners, and doers. We provide the freedom and tools necessary for people to be comfortable and successful in their work and in return expect high performance and a culture of excellence. We value ambition, curiosity, candor and most of all an uncontrollable desire to create amazing things.