Mobile App Developer


Amref Health Africa is the largest indigenous health development nongovernmental organisation based in Africa. Working with and through African communities, health systems and governments, Amref aims to close the gap that prevents people from accessing their basic right to health. With headquarters in Kenya, Amref has programmes in Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Africa and West Africa. Employing over 1000 staff and with an annual operating budget of approximately $90 million, Amref is a knowledge resource for donors and partners. For more information visit our website.


Amref provides training, medical outreach services and technical assistance to local authorities and ministries of health in over 30 countries in Africa. In the recent past, Amref has been a leader in developing and implementing innovative training solutions in Africa. The eLearning, mobile learning (mLearning) and ICT based approaches have been applied to rapidly and cost-effectively scale up training of the health workforce.

To extend Amref’s work in mLearning, the eHealth Support Unit wishes to engage a developer in re-developing two existing mobile applications to suit project needs.


The consultant will work under the oversight of Amref’s eHealth Programme Manager. The work assignment

includes the following:

Application A

I. Existing mobile application

Add new modules to the system as per recommendations while ensuring quality assurance. Deliverables will include a quality assurance plan.

- Resolve current issues (corrective and perfective) in the application as will be recommended

II. New Version of the existing system

- Using the existing Architecture to develop a 

Java GSM based application and brand it using Amref/project colors

- Add new modules to the system as per recommendations shared

- Ensure the architecture design allows multiple access

Application B

- Using the current architecture develop a HTML 5-compatible version of the mobile application and brand it using the Amref/project colors

Amref Health Africa
Nairobi, Kenya