Sky.Garden is a SaaS-based product distribution platform with advanced m-commerce capabilities that allows informal traders, SMEs and established businesses to sell their products online. By January 2018, Sky.Garden had 3,000 unique webshops and the number was growing at 25% on month-to-month. Sky.Garden currently sells and delivers products all over Kenya and plans are underway to expand across East Africa.

Sky.Garden approached iSC late in 2016 with an interesting challenge; they were done with the ideation stage of their product and needed it built fast. Initially, we augmented their lead developer and over time took over as the engineering team taking the platform from a prototype to launch. We worked with the Sky Garden team to build and launch the MVP (6 weeks) and continued providing dedicated design and engineering support for 10 months after the launch of the MVP.

To achieve this, iSC provided a team comprising of a SCRUM master, front-end developer, back-end developer, and an Android developer. The iSC team worked with the Sky Garden team to plan, develop, test and launch different features on the platform.

Scope of work

  1. Lean canvas session to hone down on what to build as the MVP
  2. Development of the merchant Android Mobile Application
    • Inventory management for Sky.Garden vendors
    • Order management by Sky.Garden vendors
  3. Development of the m-commerce website
    • Allow buyers to browse through the merchandise sold on the Sky Garden. The site is a mobile-first site
    • Shopping cart implementation
    • Payment integration
    • Shipping integration

iSC’s lead developer on the project, James Mwai, joined Sky.Garden at the end of the engagement as a CTO and co-founder. In February 2018, Sky Garden raised their seed round worth $1.2 million to scale their product.






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