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Kenya’s Ongair is a web-based dashboard that enables businesses to engage with their customers on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and WeChat. Since its inception in 2015, Ongair has been actively used by a growing list of over 700 businesses around the world, including media, e-commerce platforms, universities, financial institutions, and nonprofit organizations.

Services offered:

  1. DevOps – based on how the service was set up at that point, each time Ongair got a new client they had to deploy and set up a new server. This became a choke point as they couldn’t do it fast enough. Additionally, any time they did an update to the core service they needed to update all client servers which took a lot of time. Ongair tasked us with coming up with a solution to this
  2. Python development – the internal development team was quite stretched and they needed to develop a module within a month. The module was critical to the way their service worked and as a result, it had to be done ASAP

To meet Ongair’s needs we had two resources work on the project. A devops engineer focused on the infrastructure part while a python developer worked on the module. The project was broken into two phases:

  1. Analysis phase
    • Devops – our devops engineer spend a full day analyzing the Ongair architecture with the aim of understanding the pain points and the client needs. From the exercise, the devops engineer came up with a complete breakdown of the work that needed to be done to solve the challenges faced by Ongair
    • Development – since the Ongair team had already started on the module our Python developer spent 5 days reviewing what had been done. From the exercise, the engineer broke down the module into tasks to be achieved over a month
  2. Development and deployment – once there was a clear breakdown of the work to be done the developers dived in and executed the tasks

We completed the tasks, documented everything, and handed it back to the Ongair team.

“We approached the iHub Software Consulting team at a time when our customer base was growing faster than we were able to serve them, because we didn’t have an architecture built for scale. With their help we were able to build a truly scalable architecture helping us connect thousands of business to their customers worldwide. They have a great and skilled team that worked will with our developers to achieve this.” – Trevor Kimenye, Co-founder and CEO, Ongair Ltd






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