Re-imagining iTax: A concept

Have you ever filed your taxes on iTax? If so, did you do it yourself or did you get someone to do it for you? It will be tax season pretty soon in Kenya and everyone will be rushing to a friend or a tax expert to help them avoid the KES 20,000 penalty imposed by the Kenya Revenue Authority when you don’t file your taxes on time.

Design Thinking is not a cubicle job: Lessons from building a feedback & learning tool

War Child Holland have a number of projects in South Sudan focusing on psychosocial support to war-affected children in what they call child-friendly spaces (CFS). They invest in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict by using creative and involving approaches to learning.

Leveraging design thinking to spur innovation: Safaricom BUNI Workshop

Buni is a program aimed at empowering Safaricom staff to develop ideas into products, concepts and prototypes that are intuitive, innovative, deliberate and delightful. The overall aim of Buni is to ignite a company-wide startup culture, and cultivate innovation as a way of life among the staff.

An Epic Journey: Building the African CSO Excellence Awards Platform with EPIC-Africa

How do you shine the spotlight on the excellent work that African Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) do across the continent? This is the main question that the co-founders of EPIC-Africa, Rose Maruru, and Adwoa Agyeman, asked themselves after having worked in the development sector for over 20 years. This question requires an urgent answer because a lot of the recognition and money in the CSO space go to international players, yet indigenous African CSOs play a significant role in our societies. Adwoa and Rose decided to launch the first African CSO Excellence Awards, a joint initiative between EPIC-Africa and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Moving to data-driven decision making – will this digital information service help? [Part 1]

The importance of data-driven or data-aided decision making has been identified by many organizations as the key to survival. However, data-driven decision making is not as common as you would expect. A key contributing factor to this is the fact that to utilize data well an organization needs to put in a significant investment in personnel and tools to collect, analyze, and use data.

Designing a new African digital information service – the design sprint [Part 2]

In theĀ first partof this two-part series, I (Kennedy Kirui) talked about a UX research exercise iHub conducted in Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania to uncover insights for the development of a new data and information service primarily targeting small and medium-sized NGOs. I was part of the project as the senior UX research consultant.






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