Opportunity for early stage fintech entrepreneurs to raise up to $100k

Event / Community
Wednesday 18th January 2017
2nd Floor (iHub Research)
Starts 04:00 PM ends 07:00 PM

Event Details

Digital Financial Services Innovation Lab (DFS Lab) is an early-stage incubator that supports high potential entrepreneurs refine, grow and launch fintech businesses in developing in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, DFS Lab delivers mentorship and strategic counsel to early-stage start-ups pioneering transformative business models that empower the poorest, profitably, and at scale.

On the 18th we will be hosting their team, lead by their Entreprenuer in Residence, Ben Lyon. Ben is the Co-Founder of KopoKopo and Hover. He is also a former iHub member and an incubatee at m:lab.

He will be sharing with early stage fintech startups an opportunity to raise up tp $100K and six months of additional support from the DFS Lab. The program runs for 5 days and includes flights, healthy meals, accommodation and fun! 

For startups in the fintech space, this is a great opportunity!