November Entrepreneurs Forum with Umsizi LLP

Event / Community
Saturday 19th November 2016
Starts 10:00 AM ends 12:00 PM

Event Details

Umsizi LLP was born out of a need to provide practical and timely legal solutions to trendsetting entrepreneurs and innovators in various sectors.

On Saturday, 19th November, 2016, Ms. Reba Chabeda -Ouko a Partner at Umsizi LLP will lead a discussion on what  legal  aspects  you need  to  know as a  entrepreneur, from the  set-up  to  the day to day running of  the  start up .The discussions will  be  around registration, taxation and  intellectual property.

iHub's monthly entrepreneurs forums are hosted by Prof. Bitange Ndemo.

Prof. Ndemo is a former Permanent Secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communication having served from 2005 to 2013. During his tenure in government, he initiated many transformative projects including infrastructural and development programs, as well as marketing Kenya as a destination for Business Processing Outsourcing. 
He currently lectures on entrepreneurship and research methods at the University of Nairobi’s Business School. Most of his research centers on the link between ICT and small and medium enterprises in Kenya. He has spent more than two decades in the classroom and lecture halls with over 20 years of experience lecturing at the university level.