The African Blockchain Opportunity

6th December 2017
iHub, 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza. Galana/Lenana road junction
Starts 05:00 PM ends 07:00 PM

Event Details

Blockchain technology and digital currencies are changing the nature of doing business.  In Africa, blockchain shows great potential in creating efficiency and disruptions in legacy processes and eliminating existing bottlenecks across various sectors.

Join us on Wednesday to delve into some of these topics:

  • ICO  (Initial Coin Offering): How African startups could profit from the ICO craze to secure fundings

  • Blockchain for Africa: Why Africa is the perfect place to implement blockchain applications?

  • The Blockchain ecosystem in Kenya : Actors, challenges, adoption and future development


  • Lamine Diallo: EtherAFrica Founder -first meetup in Europe dedicated to bringing people together around the idea of implementing blockchain based tech and applications in Africa. 

  • John Karanja: Founder, BitHub Africa a Blockchain Accelerator 

  • Apollo Eric: CEO, Point50 Capital

  • Moderator: Nyasha Mutsekwa - Cloud Techonology Specialist