Java Meetup: First Steps in Site Reliability Engineering

18th January 2020
iHub, 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza. Galana/Lenana road junction
Starts 10:00 AM ends 01:00 PM

Event Details

"Hope is not a strategy" - Traditional SRE saying.

This talk covers introductory topics on SRE as well as a deep dive into measuring and managing reliability.

The Speaker will cover:

1) The basics of Service Level Objectives
2) Defining and refining SLOs
3) Real-world example of how to approach reliability


Ishuah Kariuki - ( - Senior Software Engineer at Hover (

Open mic
Open mic time give attendees 2-3 minutes of time to talk to the entire group. This is the time to debut a new project, announce upcoming events or let people know they're hiring.


We want to keep this very interactive and we're looking out for speakers and topics for the event. Do let us know if you want to present on some topic, use-case, how-to, lessons-learned, etc