Java Meetup: CI/CD and Evolving a Stack from a Small Tight-knit Engineering Team

18th May 2019
iHub, 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza. Galana/Lenana road junction
Starts 10:00 AM ends 12:00 PM

Event Details

High Performing Software Teams tend to:
- Release quickly and often
- Have well-defined processes for getting the code from development to production
- Have lower rates of failure from changes and can quickly rollback

This is especially critical as platforms grow in size and complexity, in tandem with engineering teams. The build-test-release cycle needs to be tailored towards ensuring quality, correctness, and security. This talk will detail experiences transitioning from a waterfall approach to Continuous Integration and Deployment of software

Diana Wanjuhi - Lead Product Engineer at Africa's Talking
Is a software engineer and a tinkerer. She currently is Lead Product Engineer at Africa’s Talking where she works with Scala, Akka and Kubernetes to deliver backend services at scale for the communications and payments industries.


After the meetup we will have refreshments and Pizza as well! We want to keep this very interactive and we're looking out for speakers and topics for the event. Do let us know if you want to present on some topic, use-case, how-to, lessons-learned, etc