re:learn is the education technology practice at iHub focused on helping schools and students use technology in smart ways to improve learning outcomes in STEM Education

Our Approach


Curation and creation of interactive, engaging content and learning resources for key STEM subjects

Teaching Method

The promotion and use of Inquiry Learning as a more effective method for teaching STEM

Teacher Training

Upskilling and engaging a network of teachers capable of delivering effective learning using technology, leveraging a Community of Practice (COP) approach

Impact Meter

Focused on raising the next generation of innovative thinkers who will solve Africa’s most pressing problems through a range of in-school and out-of-school programmes, we have reached & impacted:











Our Programmes

The Teachers’ Lounge


The Teachers’ Lounge is a state of the art community centre for teachers which offers access to trainers, teaching resources and devices to support their professional growth. The activities at the centre are channelled through 4 key pillars:

Community of Practice

This brings teachers together in groups to share and encourage each other in developing and practising the skills learnt

Teacher Agency

Supports teachers to develop ownership of their learning, allowing them choice and flexibility in their learning environment

Inquiry-Based Learning

This has been proven to be a richer method of teaching, where students are at the centre of learning and teachers are facilitators

21st Century Upskilling

This is aimed at equipping teachers with skills that enhance learning for the needs of 21st-century learners

Since its opening in July 2020, the lounge has had over 60 Primary, Secondary, preservice teachers as well as educators who have signed up to take part in the community’s activities

Membership is free and the centre is open all week from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. to members. Interested teachers can receive updates on our activities by clicking on this link to register

  • An Open and Independent Learning Environment
  • Availability of support staff and trainers to assist teachers in gaining various pedagogical and technical skills
  • A Community of Practice that encourages teachers to work in groups and fosters collaboration
  • Fireside Chats where industry experts give talks, inspire the teachers and provide and an avenue for the teachers to express themselves
  • Test-Beds: The teachers will have the opportunity to co-create and critic Edtech products by Innovators in the Education sector. They will provide detailed data, useful for the commercialisation process of these companies

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