18 Sep 2019


3 Min Read

#DevCraft2019 program is out


The 3rd edition of DevCraft is just a week away. This year’s conference will be held on 26th September in Nairobi, iHub and will focus on the following themes:

  • Advancements in AI & Machine learning,
  • Demystifying frontend programming technologies; analysis of JS frameworks and newer trends like progressive web, GraphQL etc
  • Applied Data science
  • Pricing of developer services
  • User Experience best practices; Demystifying UX processes, design sprints for product validation
  • Containerization; Docker, Kubernetes Design Systems etc
  • Backend Development,
  • Developer Operations (DevOps); Tools and techniques etc
  • Tech Intellectual Property

We have constituted a mixture of talks, workshops & panels to discuss the themes above.

The speakers for this year also span from different engineering fields to ensure you get the best of #DevCraft 2019. 

Tickets go for 1000/- 

Check out the DevCraft website for more.