Project Ngulia

Status/ ongoing

In partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, a public-private sector consortium(iHub, the Stimson Centre, Linköping University)  is designing, developing and deploying an impactful, cost-effective and bottom-up technological platform that secures the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Tsavo West National Park in Kenya. The project has received international recognition and is part of a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action.

Ngulia is located in what is called Rhino Valley since in the 1970s it was the home to around 10,000 black rhinos, which then constituted half of Kenya’s rhino population. Today, only about sixty rhinos live at the protected Ngulia sanctuary, about ten percent of Kenya’s total population.

These animals have come under increased threat from poachers and the park rangers do not have sufficient equipment and training to effectively combat the challenge. Stimson and its project partners conceived of a technology, infrastructure and training project at Ngulia that is scalable and replicable throughout Kenya, East Africa and beyond

The premise of the project is automating the documentation process for rangers on patrol. We created a mobile application to assist rangers in documenting various incidents they encounter while on patrol.

This project also involves anti-poaching monitoring through the installation of sensors at various points in the sanctuary.

The solution is scalable and replicable to other national parks and protection of natural resources in Kenya and beyond.