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We coordinate teams for interesting tech projects.

Started in 2012, iHub Consulting aims to meet the technology needs of organisations by tapping into the immense talent pool that iHub’s diverse community of freelancers — namely project managers, developers, designers and quality assurers — provides. We realised early on that it was not enough for the iHub to bring these people together in one co-working space. They simply wouldn’t develop as much as we knew they could. It became increasingly important to leverage their brilliant skill-sets, while simultaneously developing them even further, by getting them to work on projects they would normally not be exposed to as individuals. Using the iHub brand, which was attracting a lot of client attention, we positioned ourselves to provide the world-class tech consultancy that companies were knocking on our door for.

Each year, we put out a call for applications inviting freelancers to apply to become a part of our team. They go through a rigorous vetting process involving the iHub advisory board, staff and community to establish their track record and skill level. We really do not look at how many years they have been in the game, though it is a factor. Are they easy to work with? Do they deliver the goods as and when they are needed? Can they simply show up? If the answer to these questions is a confident “Yes”, then iHub Consulting could be a home for them too. Once they make it across that bed of hot coal, they are part of the Consulting team and have first-hand access to projects we receive from various clients — ranging from large organisations like DFID to startups such as Abacus. At the end of each project, the consultants receive peer and client reviews, ensuring we/they can track their progress and are held accountable for their performance. The customer, even in tech consulting, is still all-powerful ruler.

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