Announcing funding from Google to support the iHub community

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 02 Apr 2012
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The journey with Google and iHub over the last 2 years Google and iHub have grown together with the community over the last two years learning from each other through events such as Ladies Mapping parties, Trainings on Google Earth,Fireside Chats with Marissa Mayer, Office Hours with Bob Amanand Hackathons.These sessions have strengthened our collaboration and through them we have identified areas to work together and strengthen the iHub community further this year.
The funding and plans Today, we are proud toannouncefunding of USD 150,000 (Ksh. 12M) from Google to support the iHub community. This funding will help accelerate our mission in catalyzing technologyinnovationswithin the iHub by providing them with theinfrastructure and skill-sets to fuel their innovations to the next level. With this funding, we seek to:
  • Expand ourinfrastructure(network and server technology) to provide the tech community with a "sandbox" to host and test their applications
  • Set up a UX testing lab to provide training on design thinking and carry out UX research in the tech world
  • Setup the "ExchangeBoard Project" to support high-quality G+ hangouts and display the latest newsfeeds within the tech community
  • Set up anexperimentalsuper-computer clusterenvironment ("rackspace")to host data intensive applications with require high performance computing
About the iHub Founded 2 years ago, the iHub has grown tremendously to become the go to place for all things techie in East Africa. This space is home to many of Kenya’s young entrepreneurs, freelance software developers, designers and researchers. It also acts as a nexus point for them to interact with our network of investors and VCs while providing them with a co-working space. As entrepreneurs engage with their peers and bounce ideas off each other, a culture of open innovation is nurtured. The iHub has given rise to new promising startups and technologies. With an average membership age of about 24 years, these youth are embracing technology in innovative ways to create sustainable impact in Kenya. TheiHub modelhas had great impact in the local tech scene and more and more young people are embracing the idea of co-working for their ventures. As a result of constant interaction through collaborations and meet-ups, a solid network and synergistic tech community has grown in Nairobi. Our mission at iHub is simply to catalyze technological innovations in Nairobi, by creating an open space for entrepreneurship, research, hacking and connecting industry stakeholders.  
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