Developer meetups @iHub 2018

By Lincoln Njogu
  Published 11 Dec 2018
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The iHub’s mission is to be the best support system for innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives who aspire to create great tech-enabled solutions in Africa. Core to this support is developer meetups around Nairobi. These meetups are volunteer driven, self-led, and self-managed groups that allow their members to receive mentorship, share challenges experienced while coding, and genuinely build craftsmanship with others of like mind. Most tech companies create developer communities to drive usage of their platforms. Some of the tech companies sponsoring the meetups that meet at the iHub include Atlassian, Lepsta, Facebook, JetBrains, Google for developers, Oracle including others. They have active communities on their different technologies that drive specific conversations on code methodologies/ libraries etc. This blog covers a list of major developer meetups in Kenya.

The most frequent meetups held at the iHub in 2018 include EngineOne Nairobi (380 members), AUG Nairobi (1021 members), Nairuby (1902 members), Developer Circles Nairobi (2562 members), GDG Cloud Nairobi (802 members), Android254 (2205 members), KotlinKenya (607 members), GDG Nairobi (3805, members), Nairobi Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup (1911 members) and AI Kenya (1081 members). These meetups include over 10,000 devs developers in their networks. The total number of meetups held at iHub in 2018 are averagely 75 with an average number of 40 devs per meetup.

The iHub has also held notable events that have extended the developer reach in Kenya. The events include Facebook Women DevC (40 developers reached), HackerX (60 developers reached), DroidconKE (180 developers reached), DevcraftKE (180 developers reached) Oracle Autonomous Cloud Database launchKE (40 developers reached). Based on the number of meetups and developer events this year, it's great to see the developer communities grow and we're delighted that they consider their iHub as home.

Some of the dev meetups 2018 highlights include:

among many others

Companies like Africa’s Talking, Kopokopo, Sendy, Kocela, Andela, Cellulant, Twiga Foods have benefited from sponsoring these events as well as having hiring sprints. Other companies that have sponsored these developer focused events in 2018 includes Google, Ongair, Speedy Ticket, Pneuma Networks Kamilimu & Mookh

This year, the major technologies discussed during these meetups include DevOps, Atlassian Team and Collaborations tools, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Kubernetes, Tensorflow, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Kotlin, Google Cloud Platform, Android Flutter, Cloud Computing, Containers, Serverless.

In 2019 we look forward to hosting more developer meetups and curating more developer focused events. To host your developer meetups at the iHub or sponsor our developer community activities reach out to us on [email protected]


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