Level Up Sessions: Offline First Strategies for Web Apps

By Dennis Muthuri
iHub Consultancy
  Published 05 Dec 2018
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Level up — To go to a higher level or standard ~Cambridge Dictionary

Tanasuk Africa, also doing business as iHub Software Consulting(iSC), over time, has developed a deep understanding of the growing tech and design community in Kenya. This has been mainly through the design and tech projects we take on combined with the volunteer programs we run. In September, we ran the second edition of DevCraft, a conference for designers and developers who care about the craft of building digital products. We have also had the opportunity to work with the Nairobi Design Community on their design meetups and workshops. This has shown us that there is a great appetite for opportunities to learn and skill up. Why not do something about it then?

In the spirit of sharing our knowledge, we’d like to introduce a different kind of meetup and knowledge sharing philosophy in the industry built on trust, community and brute openness on how tech stacks, problem approaches and design principles measure up in the marketplace in comparison to their grandiose descriptions on White Papers or Blog Posts. We are officially kicking off the Level Up sessions facilitated by the Tanasuk Africa team and other interested participants. The sessions are based on three key principles.

1. Training based on trust
Ensuring that all speakers who share their knowledge are well versed in the subject matter by selecting speakers who have proved the practicability of their domain knowledge in the industry.

2. Training based on community
Having knowledge shared by a people who go through similar social and tech eco-system challenges as you adds a fresh perspective on what is shared. Training scenarios such as “I’m way over here and you’re way over there…” are to be avoided at all costs.

3. Training based on Brute Openness
In order to fortify the understanding on topics, level up sessions will go beyond the industry fluff which vendors or topic fan boys peddle in articles.
The sessions take it deeper by comparing a topic and seek to challenge it on multiple fronts using non offensive questions such as: “What about this..”, “Why not if…”, “What if it also had…” and “How is it……in spite of…..”

To Kick Off
The first of these 6 month sessions is going to be on the11th December 2018at theiHub, on the 5th floor in theIdeation Room,between6pm and 8pm. I’m going to be breaking down a number of Offline First Strategies for Web Apps which I’ve picked up over a couple of diverse frontend projects I’ve worked on.

Level Up Sessions: Offline First Strategies for Web Apps Dennis at a design workshop

Be sure to RSVP for the event on Meetup:https://www.meetup.com/craft-software-design-development/events/256906791/(the event is free but there’s limited seating available)

We’re eager to see what these sessions will do for the tech and design community.

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