Kids Hacker Camp November/December Holiday Classes

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  Published 07 Nov 2018
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December holidays are here! Looking for a holiday program for your kids?

Look no further! iHub Kids Hacker Camp brings exciting programming and electronic classes for kids this holiday.

The iHub kids program is targeting kids who are drawn to and interested in crafting, hacking, discovering and tinkering. The program is envisioned and designed to provide an engaging platform on which children and teens can interactively learn, explore and build; spurring them to understand the world around them, analog and digital.

We keep the curriculum as engaging as possible in order to ensure maximum impact. This involved mixing up the classes so that the kids are able to carry out a variety of tasks that keep them challenged and engaged.

This is a different way for the kids and teens to spend their holidays in a way that will not only be fun but will also enable them to build skills in designing, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Electronic Classes

The electronic classes are geared toward teaching kids how to build anything with electronics. The main objective is to get children to enjoy playing with electronics by emphasizing the Arts in the STEAM. This holiday, we will be running 2-hour sessions every Saturday from 10 am - 12 noon till 15th December 2018.

We will be using the Arduino kits and native electronics to build projects like electronic car, robotic arm, quad robot, vending machine, smart security system, simple line follower robot, microgrid/power generation and supply system, smart city, four-way traffic lights and space station/satellite.

You can sign up for the monthly membership @6000/ per child. If you chose to attend individual classes, the cost per session is @2500/ per child. Register HERE.

The kids who have signed up for the monthly membership can also access to iHub space to work on own projects using kits on Wednesdays afternoon.

Programming class

The Programming class is open to kids and teens aged 7-15 years. The class which is in partnership with Discovery Centre takes kids through software making to build games and fun educational programs.

The class will cover the following topics: scratch programming language basics, writing simple programs like animating names, blocks, making simple games and advancing to programming concepts like variables, loops, conditional statements, operators then able to come up with entire scratch projects.

Dates: Every Saturday from 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Venue: iHub, 6th floor, Senteu Plaza

Cost: 12000/ for 5 sessions or 2500/ per session

Register HERE

You are required to sign up in advance to book your slot for the program.

In previous classes, the kids have worked on a number of exciting projects like assembling remote controlled cars, arcade games, home alarm systems, robotic arm, vending machine, and Smart city.

We also run STEM classes in schools and organizations during fun day activities where parents bring their kids to work. If you would like the iHub to host electronic classes at your school, hit us up at [email protected] for more information.

iHub team at Kiota Primary School
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