Call for December CampBuni (Kids’ design thinking camp) sponsor partners

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  Published 29 Oct 2018
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CampBuni, a transformational innovation and life-skill based camp (targeting youth ages 13-18) is looking for Sponsors for its December camp event. CampBuni has run three successful day camps teaching out-of-class skills not limited to problem-solving, public speaking and access to a myriad of opportunities. Our latest camp was held in August at the iHub. Read about it here.

Sponsoring our camp goes far beyond than just sponsoring our camp—it is an investment in the future of our Africa. Sponsoring the event to be hosted by iHub will further CampBuni’s mission of enabling system disruptors through Human-Centered Design Thinking to create sustainable change in our local communities.

Our CampBuni camp events entail vigorous fun problem-solving exercises where our participants empathize with the problems their local communities face and create not just solutions but sustainable solutions as deep as for the typical Mama Mboga.

“I have received positive feedback from his teachers in school and his confidence and self-esteem is really improved. I can’t thank you enough!”—CampBuni Parent

“It widened my capability of solving tasks”—CampBuni Student

“Leroy and team—Many thanks for opening up mental space for my daughter”—CampBuni Parent

Support CampBuni by:

-Being a mentor to one of our groups: We are open to working with mission-driven individuals and companies to guide our CampBuni graduates. If this is you please reach out to Leroy Mwasaru at [email protected]

-Partner with us to increase our reach: We invite organizations to partner with us financially and strategically with our camps and activities. “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

-Become a host for our upcoming camps: A cornerstone of our work is to impact useful Human Centered Design Thinking Skills and entrepreneurship to youth through events, conferences, and supporter events.

-Join our team: CampBuni has attracted talent beyond Kenya from its previous camps such as South Africa. We are open to having more members help us achieve our vision of creating problem lovers to solve our own problems.

-Sponsor a young leader: Ksh. 5,000 is the cost of sponsoring a leader—not only is it just sponsoring a leader but a footprint.

-Donate in-kind/Services: If you/your organization is interested in its services or merchandise, we are always on the lookout for mission-driven organizations to partner with.

Interested in supporting CampBuni? Fill in this form

For more info contact Leroy Mwasaru at [email protected]

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