DroidconKE 2018 {Recap}

By Lincoln Njogu
  Published 09 Oct 2018
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droidconKE 2018 just ended and what time it was just learning about the Android Ecosystem, networking with brilliant speakers and attendees, lots of fun and most importantly growing up!

DroidconKE lived up to its billing as being the largest global network of developer conferences, which brings together the industry's foremost experts, dedicated to advancing the Android platform.

I will mention names just to thank the brilliance of the people who helped curate droidconKE after all, delayed gratitude is after all a sign of ingratitude.

.droidcon coming to Sub Saharan Africa for the first time and the 2nd time in the continent was all an idea and a by-the-way conversation with John some time last year. My passion has always been to improve the capacity of developers and people around me.

A fully focussed developer conference where technical talks was the main theme was a dream we had and then it happened.

From the organizing team,Special thanks to:

1.#Team Google Africa and Google Developers

I think google is amazing, its never easy to meet people who share the same ambition and desire as yours:to improve the capacity of developers in the continent. Team Google Africa and Google Developers in Aniedi's leadership and John Kimani in Kenya ensured that droidconKE took place. The support through ideas, encouragement and being the main sponsors of the event; flying in skilled speakers, Android Things Kits, financial support, schedule suggestions based on their experience in going to various conferences...the list is endless. It is true that without your support @googleAfrica and google Developers, we could not have held droidconke. You guys rock! (Fist bump and a wakanda forever salute)

John Kimani
Developer Ecosystem

2.#Team Africa's Talking

For throwing in ideas and just agreeing to sponsor the event like it was a no-brainer: The Hack Bounty was amazing. Lest we forget the talks and workshops that they held. Your presence was sorely one that was needed at droidconke. You guys rock!

3.#Speakers both foreign and local

The truth about a technical conference is that people will attend and continue attending because of the quality of the talks. Getting quality speakers to come and share their vast knowledge is always something that is hard. The speakers gave their all and poured out their knowledge in amazing sessions. They say teach a person to fish, don't give the person fish. For our speakers from Kenya, South Africa, Germany and Nigeria you guys were fantastic people. Men and women were represented. You set a high bar. We will maintain it in the coming droidconKEs. You guys rock!(Fist bumps to all of you)

Thomas Kioko
Mobile Application Engineer @code_wizard
  1. #The Delegates

It's one thing to call for a gathering and entirely something else for people to show up- let alone pay for an event. We really enjoyed having all of you from various towns and cities of the world. We know you wanted it to be longer, but it had to end..for now. We look forward to having you next year and implement the ideas that you gave us. (Hats off to all attendees!)

  1. #Team .droidcon Global

For your supportive words and encouragement! Boris for accepting to have droidcon in Kenya- and your passion to spread it around. Tanya for advice and guidance while leveraging your experience in organizing droidcons. Mario for your insight and encouragement when you were here! You guys rock

Mario, part of Droidcon Global team


For sending us your Engineers to share knowledge and giving us some swag! We were honoured to have you there.

Somet Kipchilat
Technical Evangelist
Microsoft’s Africa Initiative @Sometkip


For holding their Hiring sprint to potentially hire some of our delegates.

That was an experience to remember.

8.#Team DroidconKE

What an amazing team of people drawn form the iHub, Android 254 and KotlinKenya. We functioned like a well oiled machine. We really 'can work under pressure' :). Your commitment and tireless efforts was nothing short of awesome. the support teams were amazing too.

If you missed this year, then the big question is will there be another droidconKE? YES of course, next year. We will announce the dates soon.

Keep an eye for droidconKE updates on our social media channels by searching for #droidconke and following @droidconke on instagram and Twitter.

Story by Frank Tamre

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