Evolution in the Start-up Arena with Techpreneurship Taking a Lead

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Guest Post
  Published 02 Oct 2018
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{Guest post byNichole Heydenburg}

Start-ups are rising companies at the earliest stage of development. Start-ups are usually small, and their funding typically involves the founder or several individuals. The popularity of start-ups in this age comes from the sudden technological progress. Each start-up focuses on increasing the convenience of its customer's lives with the latest technology. Start-ups that make it to the top bring a lot of development and changes to the socio-economic demographics of the world. They bring financial progress and employment opportunities to the city they are based in. In fact, the rise of one start-up could benefit another company or give rise to another start-up. Typically, start-ups are run by entrepreneurs who take the financial risk and are the face of the company. Entrepreneurs may not be as well versed with the technology their companies deal with. However, they have the intuition and understanding of their consumers and market to know exactly what they want.

Start-ups are still emerging in the technological spectrum; the potential for changing the lives of people and the market with new technology and products has not diminished one bit. Yet, there is notable growth in newly rising start-ups. We see more competent and successful start-ups compared to the past. This has led to the rise of a new breed of entrepreneurs known to the world as technopreneurs. On the surface, the two may not seem different, but understanding the way these two types of people handle things will set the difference.

How is a technopreneur different from an entrepreneur?

What sets technopreneurs apart from entrepreneurs is the mindset and the perspective towards things in general. A technopreneur’s journey generally begins at the development stage. They ensure the needs of the customers are met and make sure they do not make mistakes on their path. However, technopreneurs are usually restricted to one particular field, unlike entrepreneurs who have a wider mindset and are more diverse. Both are provided with tools and resources that are the same. However, the end product they deliver for the same problem varies greatly. This is because a technopreneur will approach every issue at hand with a specific technology and find its solution. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, will take up a different path altogether. In today’s tech-savvy world, the demand for technopreneurs is at an all-time high.

A mindset that matters

A technopreneur is an individual with the same business mindset as an entrepreneur who is also very knowledgeable about the technology he is working with. A technopreneur's knowledge helps them think of more creative and out-of-the-box ways to come up with solutions to existing problems. This, of course, means the risk factor increases as the unpredictability of the project increases. UBER was a start-up with a technopreneur leading the project. He started with a simple question of attempting to make cab rides easier and more affordable and ultimately led our society to an entirely new type of transportation. That's just the bottom of the barrel though. Let's look at the technopreneur that is above all others: Elon Musk. A man who wanted to get rid of the annoying LA traffic and came up with digging tunnels underground. Or maybe sending a car to space for both Tesla advertisement and for promoting his SpaceX project. Elon Musk does not only provide the funding and tell his employees what to do. He actively involves himself with the development stage of creation through programming and engineering along with his employees. Of course, when running multiple businesses like Elon Musk, the involvement becomes divided. The essence of a technopreneur is not about just their involvement. It’s the fact that the person who runs the company is just as much a team player in the development as the rest of the employees. Teamwork, and therefore success, will always be improved when your leader is also on the frontlines of the battle.

Real Life Examples That Inspire

Mark Zuckerberg is also a technopreneur who made one of the original social media websites with his vast knowledge and a seemingly simple idea. Although the early version of Facebook was less refined, the idea and the creative thought process required to make that idea a reality is a quality that business skills alone cannot achieve. This is why technopreneurs are leading the start-up game right now. They know how to use their skills, knowledge, and creativity to make a difference. A visionary with the knowledge to back it up is a force in itself. Give that person a team and some funding and the world will soon see a new light.


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