How StartUps have changed life

By Benson
  Published 25 Sep 2018
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I look back at the marvel of technology when I was growing up and one thing keeps popping up, it was this big butty TV that I run to every evening after school to catch the 4 o'clock cartoons, or the landline phone that we would que up to use or not use because our folks were waiting for a call. Now we have cellphones and kids will stream the show when they want and they will miss nothing but sadly also anticipate much less. Tech has changed life and this little article will give a small demo. Some of the changes are obvious so I will stay clear of Uber and the likes and talk about less known Startups. That have changed life business or life itself.


So! Are you a college student looking for high quality study notes? Specific to the course you are doing? Well a startUp called StudySoup have you all sorted. Over 1 Million students are using it and they have just close to half a million courses that you can get high quality notes for and guess what, they are by top students. Since we are in class let's stay there. Soooo have you heard of classtag? Well this StartUp enables seamless communication between parents to teachers. The app allows for sending of automatic reminders, via telephone, email or offline all dependant on parent preferences, Parent can even opt for classroom tasks on a voluntary basis among other features. Parent Teacher day will never be the same and the level of input from the parents with regards to tracking their parents participation will be better monitored.


Well you probably have heard of 3D printing but have you heard of Metal printers? Well know you know. Markforged a startup is on the frontline of making this cheaper and you can a printer for 100,000$. The impact is tremendous with the immediate being felt by the manufacturing industry. Not only will there be a reduced barriers to entry, the level of craftsmanship and quality of will probably increase. Might this mean Nations not know for Manufacturing might make an entrance to the global market? Lets see.


Every heard of Khan Academy? Well if you do then you must know Eneza Education. This startUp provides a comprehensive virtual tutor, that provides universal access to affordable, quality, lifelong learning through ubiquitous mobile technology. It is a superb social enterprise. Boasting 4,900,000 Learners and they put a crown in the jewel by reinvesting their resources to educate low income earners at scale, 70% of them living in rural areas.


We can Keep it Kenyan for the final StartUp. Meet Totohealth which spun off from developers Mobidev The startUp enables mothers and fathers to receive targeted and personalized messages timed at their child's age or stage of pregnancy.


There is no denying It StartUps have a huge impact on life. The notion that they are small unimpactful organizations should start fading. Catch the next Blog on StartUps impact in their impact in Africa. It will be anything but Dark.


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