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By Lincoln Njogu
  Published 25 Sep 2018
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TheSandbox community,Go Gaga Experiential, &iHubare happy to present their co-created event:

SandboxNairobi Conversations

>> Confronting Western and Kenyan perspectives on Tech, Culture & Activism <<

DATE: Tuesday, October 2nd

TIME: 10am - 9.30pm

LOCATION: iHub (Senteu Plaza,Nairobi)


Prior to their annual Global Summit in Kenya, theSandbox Communitywill host in Nairobi a one-day conversation series that engages Sandboxers and several Nairobi-based talents from various ecosystems (entrepreneurship, tech, arts, media, journalism, students, academics, community leaders).

With six horizontal and straight-to-the-point conversations at the intersection of tech, arts, and activism, we aim at confronting western and Kenyan perspectives on global trends, intercultural dynamics, and power relationships.

This event is free and open to any like-minded people who are willing to decentralize themselves from their respective bubbles, provide a powerful global network effect and co-create a long-term shared value.


To make these horizontal conversations’ impact effective, each conversation's panel is designed with 50% of Sandboxers and 50% of Kenyan talents from various ecosystems.

-Conversation #1 (10am-11am): Human migrations: (former) refugees and activists’ views.

Featuring:Joelle Eid (Communication Consultant, former UNHCR and World Food Program);Nanjala Nyabola (Writer, Blogger, and Political Analyst);Bashir Jaythankz (Writer, Film Director and Producer); Christopher Pruijsen (Project Management Volunteer, Basefugees), Pierre Tm-Anh (Journalist, Radio Nova & Co-founder, Noise la Ville).

-Conversation#2 (11.15 am - 12.15am): Activists’ skills, organisation & mental health.

Featuring:John-Allan Namu (CEO and Editorial Director, Africa Uncensored);Ceraun Loggins (Founder, the Archives of DivaNun);Nafula Wafula (Vice Chairperson for Policy & Advocacy, Commonwealth Youth Council);Pierre Alexandre Klein (Co-instigator, Civic InnovationNetwork &Co-founder,Pressformore); Nettra Pan (Post-doctoral Researcher and Lecturer, Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne).

-- 12.15pm-2pm: Lunch-Break --

- Conversation #3 (2pm-3pm): Blockchain’s value for the emerging countries.

Featuring:Eugene Mutai (Blockchain Evangelist &Software engineer, Andela);Dr. Rhea Metta, PhD (Scientist, Co-Founder & CEO of Bowhead Health);Thomas Rippel (Farmer, Co-Founder, Terrafina & OpenCrowdInvest).

- Conversation #4 (3.15pm- 4.15pm):Women in science & technology: achievements and challenges.

Featuring:Dr. Rhea Metta,PhD(Scientist, Co-Founder & CEO of Bowhead Health);Sasha Valle (Former Global Network Program Manager, Uber);Dr Chao Mbogo, PhD (Head of Computer Science Department at Kenya Methodist University); Esther Ndeti (Executive Director, The East Africa Venture Capital Association); Galyna Pidpruzhnykova, PhD (Biopharma Strategic Consultant at Catenion).

- Conversation #5 (4.30pm-5.30pm):The Sandbox agenda for the non-western world ;

Featuring:Alicia Sully (Producer & Sandbox Nomad/Elsewhere Hub active member);Brenda Wambui (Digital Media Consultant & Podcaster, & Sandbox Nairobi Hub Ambassador);Daylon Soh (Product, Growth & Design at Razer, Sandbox's Singapore Hub active member); Leen Sadder (Designer and entrepreneur, SandboxDubai Hub active member);Michael Mayernick (Co-Founder, Spinnakr & Sandbox Chairman of the Board);Pierre Tm-Anh Le Khac (Journalist, Radio Nova, Sandbox Paris Hub Active Member).

- Conversation #6 (5.45pm-6.45pm):Democratizing storytelling to decolonize pop-culture.

Featuring:Dr. S Njoki Ngumi (Director Learning & Development, The NEST Collective & HEVA Fund); Nicolas Alcala (Filmmaker, storyteller, VR evangelist and futurist); Njeri Gitungo (Producer, The Nest Collective & Head of Production and Administration, HEVA Fund); Ceraun Loggins (Founder, the Archives of Divanun);Brenda Wambui (Digital Media Consultant, Podcaster & Host and Executive Producer of Otherwise? - The Kenyan Story).

-- 7pm-9.30pm: Chilling Networking with Drinks, Music Playlists --


Sandbox is a mobile society of trailblazers using technology and conversation to create a world of our design. We are an eclectic community of 1400+ nomads, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, scientists, politicians, and influencers from over 100 countries.

Go Gaga Experiential
Go Gaga Experiential is an agency founded on the values of innovation & creativity, passion, accountability and efficiency. We are committed to providing digital training brand management, conferencing & event management. Our key focus is in offering our clients the peace of mind that comes along with having a professional, secure and solid organization dedicated to creating exemplary work.

The iHub’s mission is to serve our global & local clients by connecting people and organizations, inventing products, and building solutions relevant to localmarkets.

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