What to expect at DevCraft 2018 - full speaker list and schedule

By Kennedy Kirui
  Published 25 Sep 2018
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The day is almost upon us, and we are all pretty excited about DevCraft 2018. Who wouldn't be with the impressive list of speakers and topics to be covered over the two days? DevCraft 2018 will be on the 27th and 28th of September at iHub. iHub is located on 6th floor, Senteu Plaza, Galana Road. Limited tickets are still available on dev-craft.co.ke. Grab yours while they are still available.

DevCraft 2018 will have 2 keynote speeches, 5 speaking slots, 6 panel sessions, and 5 workshops. We will have a cocktail session at the end of day one sponsored by Ongair.

The keynote speeches:

On day one, Caine Wanjau, CTO at Twiga Foods will kick off the conference with a keynote titled "Scaling an Engineering Team: The when and the how." Caine has more than 15 years experience in the software industry having previously worked in Australia. He is in charge of the growth of the technology element of Twiga Foods, one of the most exciting startups in the Kenyan ecosystem.

The second keynote will be on the second day of the conference, and we are privileged to have Dr. Chao Mbogo (Ph.D.) giving a speech titled "Bridging the skills gap between Computer Science academia and industry.". Apart from being the Head of the Computer Science Department at KEMU, Dr. Chao also runs Kamilimu. KamiLimu's vision is to be a premier program that upskillsuniversity tech students to foster their global competitiveness. The program tries to bridge the gap between academia and industry and hopes to create a blueprint that can be copied by other institutions and individuals.

The panel sessions:

DevCraft 2018 will have a healthy mix of panels covering different topics in the technology ecosystem.

Panel 1: Beyond the hype - Blockchain - where are the real applications?

Panelists:Eugene Mutai(Full-stack Software Developer, Andela), Rosemary Chemu Kimwatu (Legal and Regulatory Specialist at Oxygne Marketing Communications Ltd), David Kimaru (Technology Director, Living Goods), Bettirose Ngugi (Cloud Platform Consultant, Oracle)

The panel will be moderated by Roselyne Gichiga , Education Program Coordinator, EOS Nairobi

Panel 2:Old school tech - how it was in the beginning

Panelists:Faizal Mirza (Chief of Products, Cellulant), Fady Rostom (CEO, Ark Africa), Conrad Akunga (Director& Cofounder, Innova Ltd), Jessica Colaco (Head of Growth, Brave).

This panel will be moderated by Jimmy Gitonga, Principal at Afroshok.

Panel 3: Design thinking - why the slow adoption? patterns, technologies and the disconnect

Panelists:Kagonya Awori (Lead - Human Experience and Design, Safaricom Alpha), Oluwatobi Akindunjoye(Senior UX Designer, eHealth Africa), Sharon Wangari (Impact Designer, Nairobi Design Institute), Charles Momanyi (Head of Technology & Innovation, Kocela)

This panel will be moderated by Kennedy Kirui, Director of Service Delivery at iHub Software Consulting & CEO at Tanasuk Africa.

Panel 4: Getting the best out of your devs - tools, methodologies, best practices

Panelists:Vaneyck Otoki (Senior Developer, Frontline SMS), Seth Kigen (System Architect, Twiga Foods), Trevor Kimenye (CEO, Ongair), Linda Kamau (Software Developer, Ushahidi), Evanson Biwott (Head of Engineering, Sendy)

This panel will be moderated by Joy Kendi, Agile Project Manager, and Design Thinker at iHub Software Consulting.

Panel 5: Challenges and successes hiring for technology companies; including hiring women, students, etc

Panelists:Shiro Theuri (CTO Frontline SMS), Sam Kitonyi (Director of Engineering, Jumo), Huston Malande (CEO, Skyline Design).

The panel will be moderated by Lincoln Njogu, Technology Officer at iHub.

Panel 6:Applications of AI, ML and Data Science in Kenya

Panelists:Muthoni Wanyoike (Team Lead, InstaDeep), Chris Orwa (Data Scientist, Safaricom Alpha), Chris Nyaga (Technical Team Lead, Andela).

The moderator will beLilian Nduati, Manager, HDX Data Lab Manager.

The Talks & Workshops:

The talks and workshops will run in parallel. As a participant, you will get a wide variety to chose from.

  1. Talk: The Art Of Mobile DevOps (Android) -Roger Taracha, Technical Team Lead, Andela
  2. Talk: Demystifying Big Data on the Cloud - Kenneth Kinyanjui (Principal Consultant, Faidika Technologies)
  3. Workshop: How to use AWS's ML-as-a-Service -Sitati Kituyi, Technical Co-Founder/CTO at AfricanStockPhoto
  4. Workshop: Find Vulnerabilities in Mobile Apps through Reverse Engineering - Eve Kilel (Cofounder, SheHacksKe) and Laura Tich (Cofounder, SheHacksKe)
  5. Talk: Building great teams: Emotional Intelligence for Software Development Professionals -Mercy Mugii, Project Manager, Medic Mobile
  6. Workshop: 4 ways to deploy your Python web app to Google Cloud -James Mwai, CTO & Co-founder, Sky.Garden
  7. Workshop: Responsible Responsive Images for the Web -Christian Nwamba, Developer Advocate, Cloudinary
  8. Talk: UI/UX in Android Development -Valentine Ruto, Android Developer at Kountable Inc
  9. Talk: Designing with Web Accessibility in mind - Gertrude Nyenyeshi, Web Developer at BBC News & Andela
  10. Talk: Is it worth pursuing a career in Product management? - Kennedy Kirui, Director of Service Delivery, iHub Software Consulting

The full schedule and order of presentation are available at dev-craft.co.ke.

A shout out to our 2018 sponsors & partners

DevCraft 2018 wouldn't be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners.

We are happy to have Google and Twiga Foods as the main sponsors.Since its foundation in 1998, Google has become one of the foremost Web search engines in the world. Through innovative advances in search technology, Google has been able to provide Web users who conduct Web searches with quick and pertinent information.

Since 2014, Twiga has been bridging gaps in food and market security through an organized platform for an efficient, fair, transparent and formal marketplace. 

Other sponsors include Andela, Ongair, Sendy, Nobilis, and Kocela. Andela scales high performing distributed engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers. Ongair allows you to have real-time conversations with your customers and build relationships using instant messaging. With Sendy, you can move anything from point A to B at the touch of a button. Nobilis makes web and mobile applications that allow you to unlock your business potential. Kocela is the makers of the #1 payments app in East Africa and Central Africa - the KCB app.

Our partners Kamilimu and Speedy Ticket have been instrumental in this year's edition too. KamiLimu's vision is to be a premier program that upskills university tech students in order to foster their global competitiveness. Speedy Ticket aims to be your one-stop shop for all your ticketing needs.


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