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  Published 18 Sep 2018
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Let's face it; we all have those times when we feel like there are more errands to run in a day than there are hours. Today’s busy lifestyles means that sometimes we don’t have time for even the simplest errands such as; collecting parcel at the post office, grocery shopping, making reservations, dry cleaning runs, booking tickets, prescription collection among others. People have their schedule completely full with going to work, taking the kids to school, taking care of their home, and many other responsibilities.

What if there was a way to get errands run, keep control and still keep to your budget? Good news!Vallymore Errands is here to take care of your errands on your behalf, your work doesn’t suffer, the chores get done and you retain your sanity, ending up stress-free.

Vallymore is an errand running company based at the iHub providing errands services to individuals and organizations. Vallymore helps reclaim your time for more important things by powering through to-do lists and taking care of the boring tasks.

“I used to run errands for my expatriate friends free of charge. One day one of the friends asked me if i have ever thought of earning a living through that. So I thought about it and started reading a lot about errand business and that's when it hit him that i have been wasting time. That’s how vallymore errands was born”. Says David Founder, Vallymore Errands

The unique thing about Vallymore is that they tailor make a client's request to his/her satisfaction. As their slogan goes, 'Any Errand, Anytime, Anywhere'they have to fulfill their end of the bargain by making sure there is nothing they can't do. They tailor make their services to suit a client as opposed to specializing in only specific errands.

How it works

A client makes a request through their website (, email address, text message or they can call about their errand request then one of theteam members will assign either a rider, driver or an individual depending on the nature of the request.

As far as errand running goes, nothing is too much trouble or too complex for Vallymore errands. They do courier services, airport transfers, shopping deliveries, office logistics, chauffeur services, and event attendance - yes! They can attend an event on your behalf. If you are too caught up to make an appearance at an event where someone could stand in for you, they got you covered.

Vallymore team delivering flowers to a client from the boyfriend
Valleymore Errands can also change the tire for you when you have a flat tire

Need a little help getting your day to day errands done? Visit Vallymore Errands -www.vallymorerrands.comand make yourrequest. You can also follow them on [email protected]



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