How Drones Are Changing Africa

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  Published 17 Aug 2018
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Africa is one of the continents with many developing countries. Most of them working hard to eliminate problems such as poverty, gender inequality, illiteracy and trying to embrace modern technology.

Africa has adopted the use of drones which has been of great benefit to them. The aerial vehicles are used to deliver essential services at a faster rate in the continent such as health services.

The new technology has changed the way we live and how we do things. Initially, they were used by the military personnel to access dangerous places where people could not access. However, things have changed lately as the drones are used in other fields.

By using the new technology, we now have the chance to handle challenges in a better way and we get to experience new ways of doing things.

For commercial and non-commercial purposes

Lately, firms in Africa are now using drones for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

If the companies have access to computers or the remotes used, they can comfortably use drones in their daily operations, the latter eliminates the needs of hiring people to carry out the tasks carried out by the drones, and that translates to low operational costs in the firms.

Besides commerce, drones are also being used toperform different tasks in Africa, for example, in the Agriculture, Architecture, and Construction, engineering, and the health sector.

In the business sector

In the business sector, drones are used for photography and video purposes. Many African countries lack good infrastructure, but that is no longer difficult with the use of drones, they access such areas.

Delivery of a business’ products is done faster with the use of drones. The devices are high-speed, and as a result, they are widely used to deliver urgently needed products to the respective destinations in a short period further they are suitable for providing perishable goods which require individual storage. 

Most rural places in Africa are inaccessible because of poor road networks, it takes vehicles a long time to reach their destinations, and this slows business operations.

Subsequent use of drones helps businesses delivering goods to their customers within thirty minutes after which the drone battery dies.

The aerial vehicles have since enhanced business operations greatly.

Cheaper monitoring, controlling and navigation

Organizations are now able to plan, monitor, control and navigate large areas at a cheaper cost unlike the previous use of traditional methods.

It has enabled businesses to explore targeted zones by getting HD aerial feeds. Therefore, companies get more opportunities.

Drones facilitate easy maintenance services

Drones provide maintenance services, and they facilitate inspections of different business structures at lower costs and jeopardies. This is done mostly in risky regions in which people who carry out the same tasks are usually risking their lives as accidents are likely to occur.

They include power lines and power points as well as very tall buildings or bridges.

With the application of thermal imaging cameras, drones are used to assess the probability of wear and tear in some tools, a task which was initially done using specialized equipment.

Besides, they are used tomake deliveries of spares and consumablesto differently programmed business launches and landing pads because they reduce potential downtime and operating costs.

The agricultural sector

Moreover, drones are used in the agricultural sector to support different operations. With technological advancements in, this sector has been significantly improved, use of the drone has increased the efficiency of its operations.

As a result, the production capacities have increased. The quality of the produce is also high unlike in the previous years when traditional methods were used.

Drones are used in the following ways in the agricultural sector;

  • To investigate crop and irrigation progress, the devices can make assessments on whether the development is good or poor, they also show defects in case they appear.
  • They aid in precision spraying, they do it at a faster rate compared to the manual way of spray, and the shower is also done more precisely.

Africa is a vast continent, the act of mapping the land becomes a big issue. This problem is, however, a no issue with the development and use of drones which perform the tasks correctly and within a short period.

Surveying by engineers

Applications of drones mapping by engineers and local authorities’ offers an efficient and best surveying tool especially across challenging terrains. 

The ability of the drones to offermapping and geographical surveying servicesis an excellent help to marketers and entrepreneurs. This helps the latter to be able to search for markets for their products and identify new areas with viable business opportunities.

Besides the information provided allows countries to confirm census data and assess development needs accurately.

The devices are also being used to monitor risks and for claims assessment. They are used to assess population density more efficiently, and they are also used to determine property values and damages by the insurance firms.

Such information helps in forecasting for the future needs of the citizens. They also confirm the information provided by parties when ensuring properties.

Aiding in improving and maintaining security

Use of drones has helped in the maintenance safety and security of people. This is one of the continents facing political instabilities; as a result, many military coups have emerged threatening the protection of the people living on the continent.

Dronesconduct high-quality surveillancegiving live feeds to humans, and they do not risk lives during their operations.

Whenever there is civil unrest or any natural disasters, drones are used to assess such situations this is because they respond immediately and at a faster speed.

They are also used for search and rescue purposes reason being that they cover the ground more effectively than in the case of using ground teams to perform the same tasks.

The crewless aerial vehicles also offer atmospheric visuals which are used by the real estate firms.

Used in photography

They also bring new dimensions to the multimedia, and in such they are of great benefit to the photography professionals. The aerial visuals provided are usually distinct.

Provision of health services

This technology has been used in theprovision of health servicesacross Africa. Medical drones are being used in many African countries such as Madagascar to transport laboratory samples from rural areas to the desired destinations within a short period.

The examples are mostly from people living in the regions which cannot be reached.
Additionally, drugs, critical medical supplies, and vaccines are transported to people in times of natural disasters, they do that within the shortest time possible, and this helps to save lives.

They are also used to carry medicine to people in critical conditions to hospitals in times of accidents if the places are hard to access using the available transport means.

Drones help rescue people in times of natural disasters such as floods when no other means of transport can be used, and medical drones are then used. Furthermore, they are used to deliver essential services to the affected people such as food, clothes, and tents.

The use of drones has led to the creation of business opportunities for Africans, new employment opportunities exist, for example, the launch of drone specialists, jobs for people who conduct drone surveillance as well as for persons providing surveying services.

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