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  Published 15 Jul 2018
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Within the developer tools market and especially on Windows platforms, there are very few affordable good quality developer productivity tools that are simple to use. Bunifu Technologies through Bunifu framework seeks to fill this gap by providing: Affordable and fairly priced developer tools for beginners and experts and alternative easy to use and flexible developer tools.

“It all started in college when my co-founders and I were pursuing tech-related courses and we thought of having our own solution to the existing problem of duplicate files on a computer." Says Wilberforce, CEO and Co-Founder Bunifu Technologies

He adds, “the ‘duplicate file scanner’ was one of our first projects among other solutions like school management system which was called ‘Intelli-exami’.

Wilberforce CEO and Co-Founder Bunifu Technologies during Traction Camp Bootcamp at iHub

These two products inspired some of the products Bunifu Technologies is known for, like Bunifu Frameworks, Bunifu Antivirus and Bunifu ERP for schools and colleges.

The duplicate file scanner, for example, inspired the idea of having their own computer antivirus which now is the first of its kind in Africa running on Windows and Android OS.

During development of these two products, Kimutai Kipng’etich their lead developer and CTO, used to develop his own tools that assisted him to reduce the coding time especially in achieving beautiful UI/GUI.

In 2016, they started offering these UI tools to other developers globally and it had great reception based on the number of preorders ahead of their launch on May 31, 2016. Right now, the tools packaged as ‘Bunifu Framework’ is the best and widely used product among their users globally.

Bunifu Framework ensures that software developers are able to save time by eliminating repetitive tasks with pre-made software tools with drag features and design flexibility where developers get more customization options hence greater flexibility in their design process. This empowers them to easily create designs of any type e.g. modern, retro.

At the moment, their tools provide solutions to Microsoft .NET developers. Under it, they cover the following programming languages: C# and VB.NET

Purchases of the tools can be made directly on their product website and payments are done directly via online payment gateways. They are currently using Bitcoin, PayPal and PayPro to accept payments.

Over the years, Bunifu has managed to build a successful customer base through delivering quality and reliable (at least 18-hour) support to their users. They ensure that there is a short turnaround time attending to their clients.

Currently, they have over 20,000 software developers on their platform in which 1,200 are premium customers. They have had year-over-year growth of 235% for the year 2016 and 2017 respectively and they have customers covering 60+ countries so far.

Their team has since grown from 3 people to 13 people. According to Wilberforce, they develop talent through adequate in-house training of new interns who (most of the time) later become full-time members of the team. For the existing team, they give them the freedom to learn and experiment with new things and get certifications and skills that grow their talent.

Other products that have been developed by Bunifu Technologies include; Bunifu ERP, a processes automation system for schools and colleges which enhances seamless communication between the learning institution and its stakeholders, proper management of students, funds and other resources and Bunifu Antivirus, an information security software for Windows PC users. It protects individuals and companies against malware attacks and breach of (data) privacy. The Antivirus also features a wireless and Local Area Network (LAN) scanner that can scan devices within your Wi-Fi range or over your LAN, a document, file and folder repair and restore, file and folder unlock sensor, wireless and LAN sensor as well as piracy protection.

Bunifu Technologies is one of the startups in the cohort II of Traction Camp, an accelerator program that connects digital startups from across East Africa with the knowledge, capital, and access to markets they need to grow.

The program is backed by the World Bank Group’s infoDev program and supported by the governments of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Kenya.

To learn more about Bunifu Technologies, visit their website www.bunifu.co.keor you can follow them on twitter @bunifu.

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