Africa Game Developer Community Meetup July 14th 2018

By Anne
  Published 10 Jul 2018
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By Nathan Masyuko

Game Design Nuggets

Can one make a game without Game Design knowledge?

Yes, you can!

Will it be a kick-ass game?

Maybe not...unless you count your lucky stars :)

Right now, there are more game developers than there are game designers. Yet, game design is an essential part of the entire game development cycle - it has a life line of its own. While game development is all about coding in the game’s mechanics, game design is the string that brings to life a game’s stories, characters, gameplay, rules, interfaces, dialogue and environments. This hit and miss element has cost indie developers days of coding and high budgets, only to have meh! -type returns.

This talk will give you perspective on:

  • Who game designers are.
  • Why they exist.
  • How to become one with the resources we have.

Date: Saturday, July 14, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Location: iHub 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza, Galana / Lenana Road Junction, Nairobi

Register HERE to attend.

Speaker profile:

Dennis Mbuthia is a game designer and animator. He has 8 years industry experience and has worked on over 10 motion graphic campaigns, 4 animation (2D) short films and 1 board game. Dennis has handled various positions from a 2D animator, motion grapher and game designer. He is the current Treasurer of Association of Animation Artistes Kenya, 1st Runner up in an AR/VR Competition and one of 3 finalists at the Chezo Gaming Hackathon.

Dennis has a passion for animation projects and games that bring innate joy and learning to the everyday lives of his customers and clients. He has been a teacher at ADMI since 2015 and at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) since 2014. He hopes to inspire the artists in his class to be the best they can be and impact the world with their individual skill set.

Dennis is a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University and has a BSc. in Mechatronic Engineering and an Animation and digital design Certificate holder from Homeboyz Animation School. He seats in the OSCAR Selection Committee Kenya since 2017 representing the Kenyan animation industry and volunteers at Destiny Chapel as an Animator and Graphic Designer. Learning and teaching are his key passions and is willing to share his knowledge and expertise to all who will listen.


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