iHub Kids Program Open Day {Recap}

By Duncan Maina
  Published 03 Jul 2018
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On 8th and 9th June 2018, we hosted a free Kids event to launch the June/August Kids program. The aim of the Open Day was to showcase the kids program by involving kids in a maker-breaker session. During this session, kids were encouraged to open up as many electronic devices as possible to see what's inside. This exercises the curiosity as well as give kids an insight into how electronic gadgets work.

The kids were introduced to some of the projects they will be working on in the third quarter (June/August 2018) and provided a holistic learning experience by equipping them with basic technological skills using platforms such as;

  1. Electronics classes/STEAM clubs ( Littlebits ) with Robomaker.
  2. Programming classes with the Discovery Centre.
  3. Art Classes with African Hut.
  4. Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  5. Soft skills we collectively call the 5 C's: Collaboration Skills, Communication Skills, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Curiosity.

Please click here to access the iHub Kids program Info pack for June/August 2018 classes.

During this iteration of the programs, the kids will be introduced to the amazing world of microcontrollers, computer chips that act as the “brains” of modern, unassuming, digital devices and appliances like digital watches, printers and countless others.We put together  littlebits and arduino-based projects; like Elevators, Remote controlled cars,Boats, Light and sound detectors, robot laser arm whose beam is controlled using dual joysticks salvaged from a cheapo chinese gamepad among many other project.

We keep the curriculum as engaging as possible in order to ensure maximum impact! - This involved mixing up the classes so that the kids are able to carry out a variety of tasks that keep them challenged and engaged.

We are also running electronic classes every Saturday from 10.00 - 12.00 pm at the iHub.

You can chose to sign up for the quarter @4800/ per child every three months(quarter) which includes the following benefits:

    1. 2 free little bits sessions a quarter. Every other session attended priced at 800/.
    2. Access to the iHub for “own” projects.
    3. Access to iHub space to work on own projects using little bits on selected weekdays.
    4. iHub Kids Membership card .

If you chose to attend individual classes, the cost per session is @2500/ per child.

The full schedule of the classes can be found HERE. If interested, follow the link below for subscription:http://bit.ly/iHubKids.

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