Maarifa Kona hosted the first bootcamp for innovators from Garissa and Marsabit

By Sheilah Birgen
  Published 19 Jun 2018
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Adeso, iHub and MasterCard (AIM) consortium has created two community ideas spaces in the rural counties of Marsabit and Garissa (known as the Maarifa Kona Innovation Labs) in which the communities can explore and develop better innovative mechanisms to build resilience and preparedness in the face of drought. On the 5th of March 2018 we launched a call for ideas was in Marsabit County and on 12th March in Garissa County. We received a total of 236 ideas in both counties.

A panel of expert judges consisting of community leaders, industry experts, industry experts, AIM consortium partners, Maarifa Kona Team, government representatives to mention a few reviewed to applications and to shortlist 40 ideas (20 from each Lab). The 20 innovators were invited to the labs to pitch and to defend their ideas in front of a panel judges. The judges further went through the defended applications, shared business and impact cased to review , filter and select 11 ideas from each lab.

The Maarifa Kona Boot Camp’s objective was in line with the project’s aim which is to increase the preparedness and resilience of disaster-prone communities in Garissa and Marsabit countries. The Maarifa Kona Boot Camp brought together 22 shortlisted innovators from a pool of 236 community ideas that were received, reviewed and selected from the call for ideas in April – May 2018. The 2 days camp provided opportunities to train the innovators and link them to the iHub and MasterCard networks, as well as connect the innovators to other innovators in order to offer peer to peer support & mentorship.

Specific objectives:

By the end of the boot camp, the participants were be able to:

  • Understand the Maarifa Kona innovation process and expected outcomes
  • Refine their ideas from the knowledge exchange
  • Paired innovators with the AIM network of mentors
  • Introduced to human centred design approach for their research and conceptualisation phase.

Pictures of the Bootcamp:

For more information on the program, please write to us through sheilah (at) ihub (dot) co (dot) ke or flow us on social media:

Facebook: Twitter: @maarifa_kona_

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