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By Ansel Melly
  Published 29 May 2018
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The Life of a Back-end Developer :)

As a developer for a while now, say 7 years give or take, I have come to appreciate the trade of crafting code, molding it, tinkering with it and getting awesome results. Since the days of
Println “hello world” :) and the world never said hello back :)

Over the years, I have gone through a process of learning, picking one thing here, another there and other way over yonder. All these things have molded me into what I am now.

This is an introduction to some tools that I have come to appreciate simply because,

  1. They make life easier and effortless
  2. They work perfectly
  3. They alleviate so much of the heavy workload.

This is going to be a series :) brace yourself.

I call this one “GIT

In a nutshell, Git is a Version Control System (VCS).

But What that really means is:


GIT enables you to work with other people, teammates, colleagues or even people in different geolocations. With GIT, you can create a copy of a project, work on it, have it reviewed by your teammates and merged. Big words huh! That is collaboration. This article explains how it works.


With GIT, there is so much control in how features are worked on, bug fixes are handled and releases are shipped. This GIT process is called versioning. Versioning allows you to bundle the whole process into a version by creating tags for every release e.g. v1.2 and if you need to go back in time, to a certain release, you can.


GIT as the most adopted standard of code sharing & collaboration tool, enjoys global support. Many people out there are using GIT to manage their repositories and hence the support given to it is massive. You can google anything GIT related and one way or another you’ll find the help you need. 


I don’t know if this applies to only me, but I find that code that I developed way back in time and used GIT and GITHUB will always remain unforgettable. This means I can go back and see my life work back then when I was a noob. -Code throwback.-

These are a few of the most important things that GIT has impacted in my development lifecycle as I continue to learn more about it. Here is a link to whole book dedicated to GIT. Itcan help expand horizons and open new avenues in code management and collaboration.


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