235 Ideas submitted from Garissa and Marsabit into the DEPP- Kenya program

By Sheilah Birgen
  Published 02 May 2018
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iHub, Adeso(Africa Development Solutions) and Mastercard Labs (AIM consortium) are implementing a 21-month project dubbed DEPP labs that has seen 2 innovation labs setup in Marsabit and Garissa dubbed 'Maarifa Kona'. The project is jointly managed by Start and CDAC Networks and funded by UK Aid.

We reached out to the community to find out what within the drought preparedness and emergency response theme would be their biggest pain points. In that scoping study the issues that came out severally were on solving issues of insufficient water , food insecurity and livestock protection. Other ideas related to tackling drought that were highlighted were; creation of employment and adopting alternative sources of income from livestock and farming.

On the 5th of March 2018,we launched a call for ideas in Marsabit County and on 12th March in Garissa County. The teams set out to collect ideas in 6 sites in Garissa and 10 sites in Marsabit. Taking 2 days in each center. We also conducted various activities to drum up submission of ideas from the community. These activities ranged from radio adverts, a radio talk show in the community radio station, 3 weeks community outreach around the counties, community information sessions about the lab and the program and finally social media marketing to get online submission of ideas.

Community Outreach
A community mobilizer assisting a village elder record his idea

We received a total of 235 ideas in both counties. Here is the breakdown of the data we received.

We are in the process of reviewing , filtering and selecting the ideas with the help of a committees in both counties. The selection committee is comprised of the consortium representatives, community leaders, representatives from NGOs and local government in the two counties. We will select 40 ideas, invite them to pitch then select 20 to help refine their ideas using human centered approach in the first phase. We will keep you updated on the program.

For more information on the program, please write to us through sheilah (at) ihub (dot) co (dot) ke or flow us on social media:

Facebook: fb.com/maarifa.k.Kenya Twitter: @maarifa_kona_

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