Tips on Successful Networking in Hubs

By Benson
iHub Community
  Published 24 Apr 2018
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You would think that individuals who are working out of hubs are great at networking, right? Innovators, creative and entrepreneurs literally walk into a room full of strange men and women and they would have the networking swagger down to a T. They are not always masters of the art and it’s common to see a hubs community members exchanging nothing more than awkward good mornings for months.

AHarvard Universityreport shows that 15% of the reason a person gets a job, keeps a job, or advances in a job is related to technical skills and jobcomprehension... 85% has to do with people skills. Working this 85% is never more important than when networking. So how do you skillfully navigate the network in your hub? Advance your agenda, I am no Sun Tzu and this is not art of war but here are some great LET'S WORK IT networking kung Fu pointers for you.

Conversations {} Conversational

Try finding situations where you can start up conversations in a natural way. “Hey I have seen you at the Hub, how long have you been a member? What does your startup do? Let the questions be open ended so you can create room for conversation and leave conversations with a follow up. “Let me know how the project goes Sam!” So next time you meet you can pick up the conversation.

{} Work trade maybe?

A cool way of creating better networks and fuel them is through this. I could be a Python dev and my community member is a Larval master. The leverage would be to trade work if both of you need each other for projects. This not only increases your capacity in terms of skills you offer to clients but it supports building stronger network ties and potential friendships or even scoring a date with that cute boy or girl at your hub.

Be the center of the network {}

It might be difficult in the onset to create this form of influence but it is possible. Being the center of the network in this scenario means creating a space that people can network. For example host an event that you control. It could be a game night, dinner or weekend excursion with people you would like to connect. As the host this not only builds your strength and influence as a networker but also makes those present see you as a network resource. This mental positioning can lead to creation of new networks and further firm up your authority in networking.


{} Ask for an introduction

If you are an introvert or find yourself socially awkward then make your work easier by finding an individual who is the center of the network you need and ask for introductions after you create a raptor with the personality. Why struggle with cramming opening lines and icebreakers when you can have reduced stress levels of anxiety that comes from a warm introduction. The person will not only be receptive they can give you the same respect they give the person who introduced you. So take advantage of the center of the network in the hub.

Finally remember that networking actually needs practice. You don’t just start working a room magically. You get better at it like aging prickles. Good luck! Maybe you will network so much and meet me so I guess it's see you soon! B.    


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