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By Lincoln Njogu
  Published 17 Apr 2018
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The iHub has always been home to enthusiasts of technology. Over the years, we been hosting several tech community meetups at the iHub. These meetups which are volunteer driven, self-led, and self-managed groups allow their members to receive mentorship, share challenges experienced with coding, and genuinely build craftsmanship with others of like mind.

Here’s a roundup of developer communities currently hosted at the iHub:

Google Developer Group Nairobi (GDG Nairobi)

Android 254

Atlassian User group

DevC Nairobi Meetup by Facebook

Php Meetup

IoT user groups

Nairobi JS

Nairobi Gophers

Nairobi JVM



Other Notable dev group links:

AI meetup:


Ruby Meetup:

Xamarin Dev East Africa:

Payments API KE:

React Native:

Laravel Kenya:


Most tech companies create developer communities to drive usage of their platforms. They have active communities on their different technologies that drive specific conversations on code methodologies/ libraries etc.

The benefits of being part of a dev community include:

  • Learning new technologies/ coding methodologies:
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Meeting experts in different tools/technologies
  • Platform for peer-to-peer learning
  • Platform to share experience with other devs in need
  • Exposure to the technology industry
  • Helps devs establish professional close-knit networks
  • Helps connect with professionals, mentors, and potential partners

For students, being active in developer communities can assist in getting internship opportunities when required by your institution.

If you are interested in starting a meetup or form a community around a platform, tools like whatsapp, telegram, or nvite come in handy.

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