Re-imagining iTax: A concept

By Joy Kendi
  Published 13 Apr 2018
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In a couple of weeks, tax agents, cyber cafes and anyone willing to make a quick shilling out of frustrated tax payers will be in high demand as citizens in Kenya gear up to file their tax returns. Although citizens can access the online tax portal to file their returns from January, it is generally a user behavior in Kenya to wait until the last minute to do so. This means that the iTax website will be one of the slowest websites to access as millions of Kenyans rush to beat the 30th June deadline. In addition, the process of filing returns on the platform is difficult and taxing to the general public, therefore adding on to the frustrations of the average Kenyan taxpayer

In a country where digital literacy levels remain low despite a high internet penetration rate, it is important that the government builds e-platforms that are intuitive and user-friendly. The current iTax process involves users struggling to login to a slow platform, selecting the type of returns they want to submit, and then downloading an Excel file containing several worksheets to fill. Things then start to go downhill from here.

iHub Software Consulting in collaboration with iHub’s research team will this week run a design thinking workshop, where we will bring together taxpayers, tax agents, tax collectors, researchers, designers, software developers and UX experts to understand the end user’s pain points and design a solution around these challenges. iHub has been conducting a research on how government ICT tools have been implemented and rolled out to citizens. The research has surfaced several problems that you can read about here.

We will conduct the design sprint over a 5 day period, during which we will identify and map out the major pain points, drill down to a solution, design a prototype and test this with a sample of users

The design sprint process


Stay tuned for more details.


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