New Entrants in The Market: Big 4 Business Trends That You Should Watch in 2018

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  Published 09 Apr 2018
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It seems like technology is advancing even faster than we expected. We cannot deny the fact that we are already experiencing the effects of these changes. If you are a business minded person and you are being left behind by technology, don’t worry because business trends are also accelerating.

Which trends do you keep up with? Are you relying on something that is not useful? How will these technology advancements affect your career? If you’re ambitious, these common questions are a struggle to answer.

So where do you start? Apart from seeking advice from the financial experts such as Ashe Morgan, always start in making the right decision because it is more easier to handle when you’re already aware of the things that are happening around you.

With that in mind, listed below are the top business trends you need to watch out in 2018.

The Power of Augmented Intelligence

It is not artificial intelligence, man plus machine power is already here. One of the uses of Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in different industries.

With regards to automotive, assembly line workers are already using on AI software and robotics to keep up all the production demands. These changes made our cars more advanced and affordable.

Blockchain Bitcoin

Yes, this is also part of the family of Bitcoin, but it is a different way of processing some information. Bitcoin is just a shadow. With regards to its aspect, blockchain is different when it comes to processing transactions and records.

It’s like shared information that can be recorded different ways. And no matter the rate of Bitcoin with regards to its currency, blockchain will always stay. It is one of the simplest primer and explanation about how blockchain operates and its underlying technology.

Artificial Intelligence Moves to The Mainstream

Microsoft recently announced that Artificial Intelligence would be present in all devices that run with Windows 10. Google also has released their TensorFlow and Berkeley AI research. Amazon also created an AI platform exclusive for developers to work with a variety of Artificial Intelligence services and frameworks.

These companies and organisations aren’t simply creating products with AI. They are also integrating it into every part of their management, with both external and internal applications.

The Advantage of The Experience Economy

Customers crave for experiences. Before, if you will follow TQM (Total Quality Management) organizations, you will able to win customers over product quality. The more consistent your product, the more loyal your customers will become.

But today, it’s all about the experience economy. Customers are more inclined to spend money on dinner dates, trips, and concerts. That’s the only problem that you will face in the experience economy as some companies are still trying to build their business the old way.

People want companies that provide consistent experiences from start to end. Customers want to have the sense of emotional connection. They love management with shared values. They want your management to share their emotions and reasons. They want a story.


Do you want to experience a higher quality work in less time? Try to focus on the latest trends. Take time to prepare, and you will accomplish more without any danger. These changes will help you to improve your productivity. Always remember that it’s not just about keeping up with new trends, it’s also about keeping up with the right trends.

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