Features of 5G That Make Everyone Love It

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  Published 05 Apr 2018
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Who doesn't like to have a gigabit speed internet that allows you to download full-length movies in a short time?

Well, that will become a reality soon. 5G is finally coming.

Many people think 5G to be a threat to other wireless and the wired internet connections.

In this article, you get to know a lot about it. Some of the topics covered about 5G in this article are:

  • How it works
  • Benefits
  • Spectrum Availability challenge for the 5G players

The infographic below explains a lot about this mobile network generation.

[Image = 5g-network-infographic.png]

How 5G Works?

  • 5G networks make use of a system of cell sites whose responsibility is to send the encoded data using radio waves.
  • Each of these cell sites is connected to a network backbone.
  • This mobile network will also use an OFDM encoding. This coding is quite similar to the one used by 4G LTEs.
  • The air interface will also be designed to provide more flexibility.
  • This network is much similar to a small cells network. The number of cells is directly proportional to the data that you can get into the system.
  • 5G will also use advanced antenna technologies to boost the performance.

Main Benefits:

It will provide energy efficient network and ultra high reliability. It’s some other impressive features include: 

Bandwidth:5G will provide a bandwidth that will be higher than 1gbps.

Super Fast Uploading Speed:It will not only provide super fast downloading speed but a fast uploading speed too. You will be able to upload data up to 10Gps quite quickly with this mobile network generation.

IoT Devices:It will provide fantastic support for IoT devices. You would be able to connect multiple devices, and the connection would be much speedier than ever.

5G Modems:Some companies are also working on 5G modems. They will fit them into phones and other smart devices.

Augmented and Virtual Reality:Faster speed and lower latency will allow experiencing much more in augmented and virtual reality too. Smart devices and connected cars will get many benefits from it.

User Experience:5G aims to improve the mobile internet. With much better speed and latency, the users will have the limitless bandwidth which will result in much better user experience.

5G and the AI:5G not only aims to delight the smart phone users but it will provide many facilities in the AI world too.

Self driving cars will take colossal advantage form 5G.

In self-driving cars, the data comes from other vehicles and the lanes. For this massive data, many sensors work at a time.

To know more about the self driving cars read here.

Challenge for 5G:

The primary problem that 5G players have to face is the spectrum availability.

3G and 4G use some radio frequencies. For a new spectrum, high-frequency bands will be required.

Thus the spectrum availability is much decisive.

5G - the Future:

Are you excited for 5G??

Well, you should be.

Many organizations are also preparing for this mobile network generation.

You can imagine how it will feel like to download full HD films in few seconds.

Final Words:

Well, 5G is just arriving. It will provide you the internet speed that you have never imagined. A fast network that would be able to connect a large number of devices is just approaching you.

To implement it, some challenges need to overcome then after that you will surely witness a massive revolution in the communication era.


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