Simple Ways to Customize Your Facebook Ad Campaign

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  Published 03 Apr 2018
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Facebook Ads are becoming more and more popular among businesses of all sizes, so here are a few simple ways to create the best Facebook Ad campaign that will stand out from the competition.

Testimonials are important

Adding testimonials to your Facebook Ads is a proper way to ensure your future customers that the products you are selling are truly effective. It is a form of social proof that can remove any doubts from the minds of your clients. Some companies do have famous customers, whether they are celebrities or social media influencers. Their testimonies are highly valued, especially if they have a large following

On the other hand, businesses which do not have famous clientele can use another approach – pointing out the number of their users or followers. It is another useful tactic that will make your clients trust you and the products or services you have available. So add a line or two to the ads you are planning to post on your Facebook profile as a part of a campaign.

Once you get more recognition, you can create a social media team that will interact with your users and ask them to send their own testimonials. Posting these every now and then can spike up the interest in your brand because the audience like to read success stories.

Eye-catching images

Visual representation is everything, especially now when you are trying to grab your customer’s attention while they scroll down through their newsfeed. Yes, the content needs to be on point as well and you can always ask for assignment help, but eye-catching images are the thing that will make a user stop and click on your Facebook Ad. So choose the best possible photo or an image that will pop out right away.

While you can edit the colors and add something more to an image, the quickest way to improve the visuals is by using filters. They are simple and will change an entire feel of a photo. But try to keep it as clean as possible because Facebook might remove an image if they find anything which might not fit their rules and regulations.

Speaking of colors, you also need to follow design trends. Some shades can be more popular than the others, depending on the demographics of your users. For instance, your entire branding can revolve around a color that will make your customers think of you as soon as they see it. So here is a quick rundown of the best colors you can use:

  • Kids and teenagers prefer yellow, red, or any bright color.
  • Older users are into blues and greens. Green do represent health and calmness, while blue radiates with power.
  • Even though it is cheerful and happy, orange is not a good color choice because a vast majority of users dislike it.

Choose the right placement

Each of your Facebook Ads designs should be suitable for its possible placement. Of course, you have to be smart and select the right spot on the Facebook that will attract more attention and make a user click on it. So if you decide to select the standard newsfeed for your ad placement, keep in mind that the users will be more engaged and willing to interact with you. You can also expect higher levels of traffic on your website.

Newsfeed on the mobile device will probably earn you more likes because users who use Facebook on their phones do not hold back when it comes to giving a thumb up. However, you will not have a lot of space available for the text underneath the image so you need to be certain that the photo itself is enough to attract someone’s attention.

And finally, the right column is the most affordable option of the three, but the success rates are noticeably lower. Your ad will be less prominent because the image itself will be smaller. It is a good choice for brands who are already established and have a large customer base.

Ads for each geographic region

The majority of brands do want to expand globally and Facebook Ads will allow you to create location-specific campaigns. They are easy to set up and you can choose different ads for each geographic region. Of course, you need to get to know your target audience for every campaign in order to make it a true success.

You can also add text that will tell your customers where to find you. As an example, if you are running your business from a large city such as Los Angeles, say it on your images. This will make them see the ad and acknowledge your presence in their area. Plus, they will be more likely to click on the link and see what it is all about.


Facebook Ads are an excellent way to expanding the number of your customers because you can tailor them to suit their needs. These are just a couple of tips that will get you started with the customization.

If you tried Facebook Ads and they did wonders for your business, feel free to tell us how you managed your campaign in the comments below.

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