Online Safety Meetup Roundup

By Tess Wandia
iHub Research
  Published 13 Feb 2018
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In my previous blog post I intimated that this would not be the way the cookie crumbles, referring to not accepting a male dominated internet, rife with harassment mostly geared towards women.

On 3rd February 2018, iHub hosted the first Online Safety meetup in a series of planned outreach engagements to get increased awareness around Internet Freedom in Kenya. This meet up specifically targeted University going women, active on social media and the Internet.

iHub Research has been undertaking a qualitative research project geared towards understanding the dynamic of engagement online by different profiles of women: hypervisible, working women and University going women. In the course of this process it was evident that younger women were keener on learning more about how to navigate online spaces in order to equip themselves with the foresight in the event of harassment.

During this training we targeted 11 young women in University who are also active on social media and customised a curriculum covering the following topics:

  • Types of online violence and how to identify them
  • How to protect yourself online
  • Understanding platforms like Twitter and it’s report function
  • How to ‘organise’ on social media
  • Effects of online abuse and how to take care of yourself online.

Find here the output from our event.

In next couple of months we’ll be organising additional trainings, in the event you are interested in attending such an event or replicating such a forum please e-mail [email protected] to discuss further how we can make this a reality!

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