Understanding the Emerging Software Developer Trends in Kenya

By Lincoln Njogu
Guest Post
  Published 29 Jan 2018
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The developer space in Kenya is a dynamic one. Through the years many software products have come out of Kenya and have become trailblazers and pace setters for the industry. Our global success story M-pesa has not only got focus to the capabilities of technology development and adoption in Africa, but has also been a stepping stone for other innovative and groundbreaking software products in the market.

However, the developer space in Kenya remains largely fragmented and unstructured with uneven levels of quality in delivery and expertise. There are a few pockets of excellent leadership in software development led by a few very highly skilled developers in the region leaving a large gap in development talents to be filled by inexperienced new and upcoming developers. In their journey to finding themselves, these developers are bombarded with a myriad of choices as they begin their journey to actualization. It is with this background that we want to inspire the developer community and elevate the standard and quality of developers with not just a focus on tools but largely with focus on product development.

In 2016, Zege Technologies conducted a survey to study the developer landscape in Kenya. It had emphasis on the tools of trade that developers use to build amazing products.You can find the full report on (www.stackoff.co.ke). As an ever-dynamic industry, it is important to follow the trends that make up the tech space hence the need for a yearly survey.It is envisioned that as the years go by StackOff will grow to be bigger, better and more in depth. It’s aimed to reach every developer hotspot in Kenya and get participation from developers in the market in educational institutions, corporate labs and hubs.

We anticipate that our findings from this survey will be pivotal in encouraging order and structure to the industry as well as momentum in building the region's talent pipeline.

Through the partners the survey participants will get to engage the market leaders in the sector. We hope that the survey will be both enjoyable and beneficial to the developer community.

To participate in the survey go to the link http://bit.ly/StackOff2017.Participants stand a chance to Win one of the prizes including a Pace Headset worth 5,500 Ksh, Shopping Vouchers and T-shirts.


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