$10,000 Health Category Prize Award by Villgro Kenya at Nairobi Innovation Week

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  Published 17 Jan 2018
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Villgro Kenya in partnership with the Nairobi Innovation Week is proud to announce an award of Kshs 1 Million to the top healthcare innovation at NIW 2018.

In addition to Kshs 1 Million Funding, winner will get:

  1. High-touch mentorship through a structured program
  2. Access to networks of healthcare and product development experts
  3. Connections to downstream investors and strategic partners

Apply by registering on http://startups.niw.co.ke (Tick the "Health and Life Sciences" Category)

ABOUT THE PARTNERS NIW 2018. The innovation week brings together partners from government, private sector, development partners and research centres with an aim of providing a platform for showcasing and encouraging innovation.

Venue: The Great Court, University of Nairobi. Date 5th – 9th March, 2018

NIW.Startups is a platform to stage 100 pitches and recognize the 15 most promising startups in 2018

Villgro Kenya’s mission is to solve Africa’s toughest health challenges through supporting social entrepreneurs. Working at the interface of science and industry, we invest in innovators/social entrepreneurs in the health and life sciences sector in Kenya and across east Africa. In line with the SDGs, Villgro Kenya provides innovators with seed funding and technical assistance to translate their invention/solution into scalable enterprises that deliver sustainable public health impact in Africa and developing countries. Villgro Kenya is a partner of Villgro Innovations Foundation that has supported over 100 invention-based entrepreneurs to create over 1,000 jobs and impact over 6.8 million people in rural India through innovation.

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