Tips and Tricks by Professional Entrepreneur to Convince Your Client or Customer

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  Published 15 Jan 2018
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{Guest Post by Wayne}

Everybody is selling something or the other at any point of time in the life. A Sale is just an act of convincing somebody to change their point of view and persuade them to come around your way of thinking, without being pushy. It is not always about money. Even convincing your child regarding an early bedtime becomes a sale. How you do it is your talent!!

Entrepreneurs need some simple yet smart convincing skills to persuade their clients to buy products or services from them. How to do this magic?

Here are a few simple tips to convince your client or customer to buy from YOU!!

  1. Background research about your Customer: Do some background and market research about the customer before you meet them, and see how your product or service can benefit the customer. Find out which of your Unique selling points can make the customer feel that your product or service is really his necessity and would tempt them to buy it only from you!!
  2. Converse and generate a need: Continuously talking about your product in a sales pitch may make the customer lose interest and you might lose the sale. Converse instead!! Ask them questions and wait for their answers. As and when they open up, start convincing them as to how your product or service can really benefit them and make them feel that it is one of their “needs”. That’s half sale done!!
  3. Use USPs: Any customer would expect to know only the unique features of your product that benefit them. Keep the list of benefits short; remember: all features are not benefits. Explain the features unique for your company or product only!! Use simple and vivid language instead of technical jargons. Unique Selling Propositions explained in simple language remains in the mind of a customer longer than those explained with business Clichs.
  4. Affordability: Keep in mind that money always doesn’t win a sale. Sometimes, a client might be interested in your product or service but may not buy it if he feels it is not affordable. It is not necessary to sell at a lower price just to win among the competitors, but the quality of the product or service should be enough to justify the cost. The USPs should again be saleable. Background research of the customer should also include their affordability. Offer discounts if possible. An excited customer might spread a word to one of his fellow businessmen and your business might get another lead through this influencer market. Think aloud!!
  5. Be a Problem Solver: Every customer has their own pain points. Identify them and share a testimonial or a story where your product or service has helped customers with similar problems. Emotionally, make them feel like you are their saviour and convince them to buy your product.
  6. Give them a time-line: Convince your customer to buy it now!! Tell them that there are offers running just for a few days!! Mention about the discounts and benefits that they additionally get if they buy it now!! Also, lure them with referral benefits and discounts!! Give them the stats of how soon the stock is running out to create an urge in them!! Surprisingly sales do happen even in the last minute!! Try it out!!
  7. Follow up: The whole process of sale gets completed only if you have a smooth follow up process in line. Get on a call, send e-mails or meet in person to follow up on how convinced the customer is with the sale. If they still have queries, answer them confidently and clarify their doubts. It smoothens the process further.

Just a good rapport and relationship with the customer can help you get more leads. Convert them to your customers just as above. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and close the sale!! Happy selling!!


Wayne Terrysson is a marketing manager at Couponobox, A daily deals, and coupons providing website. He is a thought leader in the realm of content marketing and strategy and relishes inditing about Technology, Marketing & perpetual Industry trends. He’s a techy geek and loves to explore latest happenings.

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