The Entrepreneurial Voice: Why You Should Closely Listen to its Whisper before it Whispers no more

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  Published 22 Nov 2017
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What if I told you of a voice that has the power to kick-start your start-up?

A voice so special it only exists within a small subset of the population, among the most daring and imaginative people on earth; entrepreneurs.

And like any living thing on earth, it starts at infancy; as a whisper. As it grows within your entrepreneurial mind, it metamorphoses into a voice, the entrepreneurial voice.

However, before it grows up, you have to nurture the whisper because that’s when it is most vulnerable.

Sadly, every upcoming entrepreneur starts out here, with his/her whisper. And if you’re one of them, it’s time you read this post and see why you should listen to your entrepreneurial whisper before it’s too late.

What is its significance?

Let’s look at the Oxford’s dictionary definition of an entrepreneur: a person who starts a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Do you see what I see here?

Uncertainty. It’s literally everywhere in that definition. You take financial risks (from your hard-earned money, loans, etc) and there’s no guarantee in the world that you’ll make a profit.

As the dictionary puts it, ‘in the hope of profit.’

It’s no wonder many people fear to start their businesses. But you who’s reading this post isn’t among the ‘many other people.’

You really want to launch your start-up, but maybe you read the dictionary and saw uncertainty everywhere.

Fortunately, you harbour the entrepreneurial whisper. And it’s what is giving you the motivation to read this post.

No matter how inaudible the whisper is, you can still hear it. This is what it probably says:

  • The dictionary’s definition is true, but you are overlooking one word, hope. Once you make it the key word in the definition, you’ll see certainty everywhere.
  • It’s true that your business might fail, but you’ll obtain valuable lessons that you wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else before.
  • Your business could impact the community positively. You’ll hire people, educate your clients about your business, build everlasting relationships, and so on.
  • If your business succeeds, you can uplift your community by building schools, supporting charities, giving generous benefits to your employees, etc.

Maybe these are what the whisper is telling you. Maybe it’s other stuff not on the list, but can be achieved through your future business.

Who knows?

What are its qualities?

Optimistic: The first time I read the definition of an entrepreneur, I saw doubt. But my voice didn’t see that one bit. Because of the key word, it made me realize how hopeful that definition is.

Motivational: The start-up phase of a business is usually the toughest. No one really knows you, the profits are nothing to be proud of and it’s a time of profound anxiety. However, your voice motivates you to look at other metrics:

  • What have you achieved so far?
  • What are the small gains you’ve attained during the past year?
  • How has your product impacted your few clients?

Opportunistic: When it realizes the potential impact of your business, it’ll try to convince you to start it:

  • There’s a ready market for your product. Start your business.
  • Your information can help a lot of people. Start your consulting business.

Annoying: Since the entrepreneurial voice is a prisoner of your mind, the two of you are inseparable. When you say one thing, it says the other. When you say your business won’t succeed, it says the contrary.

Very annoying indeed.

Confident: As it grows by the day, it transforms itself from a faint whisper to a voice that you actually have a conversation (or debates) with. It gives you insights about your business plans, and it never shies to tell you the truth.

Of course there are other qualities of this special voice. Everyone has their own unique entrepreneurial voices.

What I’ve done is to list down some of the universal traits of the entrepreneurial voice for you to appreciate.

This is what makes your whisper weaker and weaker by the day


The act of putting off something for a later time.

Now replace the word ‘something’ with ‘your dream business.’

The act of putting off your dream business for a later time. Chillingly correct, isn’t it?

When is this later time?

Is it the next day? Next month? 5 years from now?

And when that later time comes, will you launch your dream business?

Unfortunately, your entrepreneurial whisper, optimistic as it is, doesn’t have an infinite amount of patience.

Remember, it’s still a child. It hasn’t grown to become the confident voice that it’s supposed to be because you haven’t started your business.

So if you keep procrastinating starting your business, you’re keeping your whisper from growing up.

The thing that incredibly defines procrastination is its motto: Never now, always never.

If you said you’ll launch your business tomorrow, but two years later there’s nothing to show, you’re singing procrastination’s motto at the top of your lungs.

And your entrepreneurial whisper is a whisker away from becoming a mute.

That’s just a lose-lose situation; no business and no motivational voice.

But I hate bad endings, so here’s what you can do to prevent this miserable scenario; stop procrastinating. That’s it.

And while you do, start reciting the tweaked version of its motto; Always now, never later.


Lao Tzu once said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This quote is insanely true for upcoming entrepreneurs.

If you want to see your business as the authority in its market, you must make the single step of starting it.

You must transform your entrepreneurial whisper to a voice that radiates confidence. A voice that will motivate you no matter what challenges your business might face.

You can describe this voice as intuition or a calling, but due to its annoying nature, you can’t ignore it.

Remember, nothing lasts forever. You must listen to your entrepreneurial whisper before it whispers no more.

About the Author:

Nicholas Muema decided to listen to his entrepreneurial whisper and founded Blogger’s Pursuit. If you want to do the same, enroll in his free, 7-day blogging course to learn how to start your dream online business.


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