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By Tess Wandia
iHub Research
  Published 16 Oct 2017
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The Research Initiative at the iHub is currently undertaking a project to enhance internet freedom in Kenya. In the past couple of months we’ve done a preliminary analysis to understand the experiences being faced by women on the internet in order to surface issues and concerns of internet safety amongst users.

We proceeded to use women as a ‘test profile’ especially because there is overwhelming evidence that they as compared to their male counterparts face inordinate levels of harassment online. This harassment ranges from doxxing, cyber stalking, online grooming, online verbal abuse to revenge porn and all these are occurrences happening on internet platforms here in Kenya.

Our intention is however to instigate a safer internet for all, women, men and children in Kenya through initiatives enhancing awareness, structural improvement of reporting and recommendations towards policy reform around cybersafety.

By using this survey we want to connect with relatively active Female Twitter Users with 500 or more followers who work either full time, part time or are University Students and willing to participate in a focus group discussion seeking to understand perception of the internet safety in Kenya, should you fit our profile.

To fill the survey follow this link.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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