GDG Cloud Nairobi Meetup at iHub

By Editor
  Published 16 Oct 2017
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Do you want to learn about Kubernetes and Continuous Integration?

Cloud Meetup is an event organized by Google Developer Experts in Kenya in partnership with i-Hub Nairobi. The main objective of the event is to bring together the cloud community and have developers and startups share and discuss details about their cloud infrastructure.

This event will comprise of talks and sessions from James Mwai (CTO Sky Garden) and Trevor Kimenye and Eric Caleb of Ongair


  • Building a Kubernetes cluster from scratch.

Trevor Kimenye - Founder Ongair

Eric Caleb - DevOps Engineer Ongair

  • Best practices in Continuous Integration and Delivery

James Mwai - GDE, CTO Sky.Garden

The event will be hosted by Kenneth Kinyanjui (GDE)


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