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  Published 08 Oct 2017
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{Guest post by Stephen Mungai}

Tech entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for what the industry's leading companies are up to and it's Facebook's virtual reality demo last year that raised eyebrows on what the future of social media could be. Although Facebook's augmented reality has a long way to go, it precedents what the future may hold. A future where social media is in virtual reality and not only in social media but a primary communication tool. This industry is estimated to be worth about $23 billion with many speculating that it's the next technological advancement that will take the industry by storm. These are the technologies that are set to disrupt the future of tech world.

Although I think the main business of VR will be the gear, it's without a doubt an exciting affair. Remember the skepticism around social media back then? It’s the same level of skepticism that beholds VR but It’s a revolution that every tech enthusiast and entrepreneur should look out for. They have already rolled out VR video games and short films.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another technology that shouldn't be ignored. The future of AI cannot be completely fathomed since it is a field of endless possibilities. From AI security systems to advanced medical machines.It is a prospect that has raised both fears and excitement. A lot of people have expressed their fears over the dangerous possibilities of AI security systems taking over the world. Currently, there's an AI arms race going on with the world's superpowers. Theoretically, AI systems are designed to function without human interference. The daring possibility of an AI weapon being left to make its own calls could result in a catastrophe. The rise of AI machines will also lead to massive job layoffs and no one is safe. Recently, a computer programmed a computer chip with its own undefined language which was somewhat incomprehensible. It also has many advantages like AI medical machines that are able to perform surgeries, cars that are able to detect accidents before they happen and so on. Whether good or bad, it is clear that the rise of AI machines is inevitable.

The space race is also an appealing prospect. With companies now eyeing asteroid mining and companies like Space x making numerous rocket advancements, it would be wise to invest in this tech space. It has also been predicted that we could make it to Mars before 2030. The numerous possibilities of tech that could make the journey easier and/or improve the current space technology are up to anyone with an open mind and key eye in the future.

It is clear that the next ten years hold a very interesting phase in the tech world. History has proven through visionaries like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs and others that the winners are those who look into the future.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

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