Women In Entrepreneurship Series: October Meet-up

By Nekesa Were
iHub Community
  Published 28 Sep 2017
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In September of this year the iHub launched its women in entrepreneurship series - Get In and Get It!

The main aim of this series is to facilitate connections and partnerships, share personal experiences and lessons learnt, share advice, surface issues and solutions, create a mentorship and alumni network and influence policy.

The second instalment in this series is scheduled for Wednesday 4th October from 8.30am. During this session entrepreneurs will learn about how to go about getting an effective online presence, how to brand their businesses and how to protect their intellectual property. The iHub will host 5 amazing women. Masters of their trade and seasoned speakers.

Our speakers will each give a short talk based on the work that they do. This will then be followed by a question and answer session. Participants will also get the chance to give elevator pitches! Sign up to attend.

Christine Nyaga

Christine Nyaga - Building an online presence

Websites, emails and blogs

Christine Nyaga is training in HR but has a strong working background in tech enterprised and has a natural love and inclination for all things tech, business and enterprise. Christine is the founder and lead consultant at Boundless Digital where she works with individuals, SME's and corporates to formulate online strategies geared towards garnering an engaged and loyal following for their product/service/brand/cause. This is done predominantly through Blog & Youtube content.

Christine has also held roles in media monitoring; compiling, documenting, analyzing and interpreting media material as generally consumed by the public, as well as the identification of critical current issues to enable organisations to react effectively and efficiently on key areas of concern. She has been involved in media research; carrying out consistent and sustained research on the media impact on government policies and initiatives.

Christine has also done marketing research and sales into America, Canada & UK on behalf of companies such as Cadbury's, Colgate and The Harris Poll.

Follow her on Twitter @Boundless_Ke

Olivia Ambani

Olivia Ambani -Social media management

Talking to your market online

Olivia Ambani is a social media consultant and visual designer at HEVA, where she creates and implements social media strategy, taking the lead on the documentation of HEVA’s events and workshops. She also produces and co-develops learning material for the Forum program, particularly the series of videos sharing HEVA’s insights on financial, market and business development for creatives with the community of industry learners and practitioners in the East Africa region.

Olivia has also worked with various organisations in a number of industries that include: fashion, publishing, events and business development. She has also designed a number of print publications for Footprints Press: Aspirations of A Generation (book) and articles for The Edition Magazine.

Olivia studied Graphic design (MA) and Communication & New Media (BA) at the University Of Leeds and was also involved in setting up ENACTUS at the University. ENACTUS is an organization that focuses on building students social entrepreneurship skills through project development. The experience nurtured her skills in project management and strengthened her believe in the power we all have to positively impact the communities around us.

Olivia’s choice in work and projects has been strongly influenced by her passion for The African Continent and her desire to promote and inspire the positive progress happening in the continent, starting with Kenya. A place she proudly calls home.

Wambui JL

WAMBUI JL - Branding your idea

Packaging your business for success

Wambui is a graphic designer by birth, current CEO of Idea Agency and a future business mogul. She is a passionate leader, a mentor, a creative ideator and brand lover. She has worked as a Graphic Designer for close to 10 years in various Agencies and countries.Her nature is to put things together in a mental picture then work towards it coming to life through Visual Identities and Events for big and small companies.

She has run her own company, Idea Agency Limited, since 2008. It is a Branding and Brand Management company that also dabbles in event conceptualisation.

In 2016, Wambui launchedHairpolitan Lifestyle Magazine. It is Kenya's 1st Natural Hair and Living Magazine that aims to give Africans a platform where they can share authentic stories about themselves. Click links to read the theOnline Magazinesand latest webArticles.

In her previous life she has been a performance dancer, an on stage poet, a blogger, a movie buff among many other pursuits. She lives in Nairobi with her Husband and 3 sons.

Follow her on Twitter: @simplywambui


Liz Lenjo

Liz Lenjo - Intellectual Property

What’s your IP and how do you protect it?

Liz Lenjo is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya specializing in Intellectual Property Law, Entertainment Law, Media Law and Fashion Law. She is a co-owner and managing partner of a boutique legal services firm, Kikao Law that specializes in the mentioned areas of law. Ms. Lenjo recently completed her Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law at the prestigious University of Turin, Italy in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization Academy (WIPO Academy). This is a highly competitive program that admits 40 participates every year from all over the world. Ms. Lenjo is also Of Counsel for US Intellectual Property Law and Media Law Firm Randazza Legal Group which has offices in Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Hartford and Philadelphia.

Ms. Lenjo is also an avid blogger on her blog Liz Lenjo’s Law where she blogs about intellectual property law matters for the creative industries in plain English- no legalese. This is to help make the law more practical to individuals and companies engaging in the creative industries as businesses. The blog began in 2010 under lizlenjo.elimisha.us and was subsequently moved to Ms. Lenjo’s personal domain name. The blog has since received two nominations for “Best Topical Blog” by the Bloggers Association of Kenya scooping positions 2 & 3 respectively in 2014 and 2015. Ms. Lenjo’s LLM Research Paper on “Inspiration​ ​versus​ ​Expiration:​ ​Traditional​ ​Cultural Expressions​ ​at​ ​the​ ​Hem​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Fashion​ ​Industry”​ will be published and released soon by the renowned Marquette Intellectual Property Law Journal.


Maureen "Mo" Odera

Moderator - Maureen "Mo" Odera

Lover of Life, Social Glue a.k.a Sauce & Mayo and General Mechanic at the Creatives Garage.

Maureen has over 10 years of experience in the client service, relationship management and account management fields. She is a team player who is extremely organised, meticulous and focused on her deliverables. Maureen has a way of sorting out any daunting task with an ease and flair characteristic only to her.

She describes her work at Creatives Garage as the "boring" stuff, which happens to entail daily operations, initiating projects, fundraising and identity potential partners/donors. Mo, as she's called by her friends, is passionate about the growth of women in business; and has a soft spot for women led projects & organizations.

Maureen is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a focus on nutrition, which led her to open Food Basket. Her desire is for people to understand where there food comes from and the entire eco system around food production. "A reconnection between you your food and the land," she explains. Food Basket is on hold now but in the near future, Maureen aims to continue with her dream of supplying her clientele with well grown and organic raw foods.

She is a protective Mother of 3, a wife and lives in Nairobi with her family. She's a vibrant individual, fiercely loyal to her close friends who describe her as the "Aromat" to their lives. Maureen loves reading books, traveling and taking part in adventure sports. She still believes that there is hope for humanity and in the power of karma.

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